Instaworthy Eats: 3 Types Of Food On Instagram That’ll Ruin You, Political Edition


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Five weeks of carbs and how do you feel? And by feel, I mean in levels of Coldstone ice cream cups.

Do you:

  1. Like carbz?
  2. Love carbz?
  3. Gotta have em?
  4. All of the above?

4? Same.

Anyway, welcome to the fifth episode of “Carb your Enthusiasm.” By now I feel like we’ve reach the level of friends who are constantly texting, and I would say things are pretttty, pretttty good.


I have to be honest. Lately, my social media has been congested with politics. So fear not, fellow carblovers, I’m not about to give you a taste of my political opinion, but Bernie, Trump, and Hillz happen to be three people who could make the triple threat of some great dishes.

Let’s talk about making politics edible.


1. Let’s Make Our Refrigerator Great Again

Raise your fork if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Donald Trump.

The main thing to take from this article regarding Trump is that he would probably be a pretty good man dish, and I’m not just referring to his forever consistent spray tan or hair style. Take this with a grain of salt (and pepper): Trump has said some bad things and raised a few eyebrows, but whatever your politics standpoint, there’s no reason to cast your vote against a good man dish:


2. Feel the Bern

I ask you, what will it mean for Larry David’s career if Bernie Sanders is elected President? I feel that Bernie Sanders views America as one really big and diverse combo platter. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s truly a bang for your buck.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t load up your plate with some of these dishes. Really though, if these don’t make you want to “Feel the Bernie or Bust,” then god I don’t know what else will.

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Dude. What is not on this plate? (besides my fork)

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3. Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton

Okay, sorry if this is a spoiler alert, but Hillary Clinton’s book “Hard Choices” is really about the art of choosing what to eat when EVERYTHING appeals to your senses.

A lot is said about Hill’s pantsuits. Here’s why we should really care about the pantsuits. They allow for more carbs.

No matter who you are voting for, whether or not you are “Standing with Hill” or not, embrace the notion that every campaign is carefully and strategically framed for our consumption, much like a good food dish.

Consider these dishes “Project Pantsuit” because you are sure going to need a lil extra space after consuming: