Instaworthy Eats: 3 Types Of Food On Instagram That’ll Ruin You 4.0

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And here we have, the next episode of “Carb Your Enthusiasm.” While this marks our fourth episode together, it is important, especially when dealing with carbs, to stick to our triple threat method. Besides, any more than three is a crowd anyway, right?

Either way, I can’t tell if this thought came to mind because it was Peanut Butter and Jelly Day Sunday or because there’s just something about chick flicks and carbs. Perhaps PB and J is the perfect juxtaposition of salty, carb-y and sugary, and well couples are…too? All in all, carbs and chick flicks are like P[Bey] and Jay-Z, am I right? Am I right?

Anyway, here’s today’s Triple 3:


1. Lady and the Tramp

I know what you’re thinking: How is two animated dogs sharing pasta a chick flick? Listen. There is much to take away from this movie. And by much, I mean the pasta.

What is more loving, warm, and filling than filling your face (yes, literally face, bc the sauce), mouth, stomach with PASTA? Viva la Italiano.


2. Pretty Woman

We all want the romance of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Not saying that we all want to be strippers, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a billionaire find and spoil us while we flaunt around in our shacker “gere.”

Julia Roberts even said it herself in the movie, “You should never neglect your gums.” Give them something goods to chomp on.

I call these dishes so good that you’d want to have them to impress your “pretty woman,” or in real life, Golddigger. Cue the bubbly.

Sorry! Maybe error link or deleted link.

Guys, this may really help get your point across:


3. When Harry Met Sally

Doesn’t matter your chromosome type, all of us have seen “When Harry Met Sally.” Whether you’re a girl, or you’re a boy with a sister/mother/girlfriend/cat, or it came on during a weird time during the summer when there are no sports, either way, you’ve watched it.

Now, what you all did not know is that two main points were developed in the movie. For starters, guys and girls cannot be friends. Open to debate, but please see another article for more on that.

The second point, and what is more important here, is that the FOODGASM was invented in “When Harry Met Sally.”

You know THE scene. We all know THE scene. However, what you didn’t know until now is that these treats would have triggered the same response.

After a gander at these, you will all also “want what she’s [Meg Ryan’s] having.”

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