Instaworthy Eats: 3 Types Of Food On Instagram That’ll Ruin You 3.0

Kristi mainly juggles her time between being a law student and a Kardashian enthusiast. In her free time, she expresses her love for fashion and her future career by being a fashion b(law)gger. Kristi is a proud mom to soon-to-be social media feline phenomenon, Mink Milli (@minkmilli on instagram). She graduated from the University of Florida, and she is well renowned for always using storing sweaters in her stove. If you ever need a candy pick-me-up, you can always find Kristi with an endless supply of sweets as she takes the saying “you aren’t you when you’re hungry” very seriously.

In last week’s episode of Carb Your Enthusiasm, I tested your loyalty by showing you the greatest “Karbdashians” I have seen thus far. Like any first date at a sushi restaurant (really, how do you fit the roll in your mouth/have nothing fall/embrace the chipmunk cheeks and still carry a conversation with someone you’re meeting for the first time?), it was awkward and it’s time for us to carry on to the next course.

Let’s take a deep breathe, Easter is on Sunday, Lindt chocolate bunnies are already going on sale, time is clearly of the essence here so let’s “hop” to it with this week’s tri[per]fecta carbz.

1. Holiday Seasunz are the Best Seasunz 

This week, if you ask me how do I like my eggs, I’d tell you that I like them “Cadbury.” For those of you unaware, the weekend of/the day after any big holiday is when all of the misfit candies go on sale. For the price of two cups of coffee at Starbucks, you can turn your home into the “House of Carbs.” Don’t worry, you get exercise walking in and through the drugstore, so you won’t get “Downton Flabby” if you add a little too many eggs to your basket.

That being said, if you are a still a Peter Pan (like myself), and fail to believe that you are not too old for a chocolate bunny or a real good bag of Jelly Bellies (please, no butter popcorn), you too will enjoy these findings:


Pick your dozen:


2. Easy like Sunday Morning

When you wake up Sunday morning and see your bunnies all in a row, ask me: What could feel better than this?

Ok, fine, I’ll fill you in. A carbified breakfast. Sundays and a carb-filled breakfast have the relationship we all hope for: Perfect, simple and never ending.

Note: orange juice not included.

I doughnut care, pour it on me:

Nice and toasty:

Sorry, I’m only here to outweigh all of the diabetes:


3. If you can dream it, you can eat it.

In any other aspect in life, you can’t have what you always want. But, with food. You can. Why shouldn’t you embrace it? Enjoy it? Fork it. Hehe.

Although I may not be able to find everything I dream of clothing-wise in a store, and even more so, in my size, it’s quite the contrary for food. Not to get all Taylor Swift on you, and really I’m not trying to put you to bed with my terrible jokes, but let’s end this with “dishing” our “Wildest Dreams”:


For the Beyonces’ reading this, when you want to bring him to Red Lobster: