In Loving Memory: 10 Times Hodor Was Our Favorite GOT Character

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*


Known for its unpredictable narrative and even more so for the amount of gruesome deaths that litter story lines, “Game of Thrones” has created one of America’s biggest cult followings. With death after death, HBO unwilling to spare even the lives of fluffy direwolves, viewers should know better than to be attached to any character. Time and time again, we are reminded that all men must die.

All the same, this past Sunday night left us in awe and filled with sorrow as two more cast members have been added to the growing number of casualties. Bran’s direwolf, Summer, is slaughtered by a hoard of wights and Bran’s simple minded protector, Hodor, suffers a similar fate at the conclusion of the episode.


In one of the most gut wrenching scenes, we finally come to understand the meaning behind Hodor’s previously nonsensical name. Hodor’s entire life purpose is revealed in a flashback during his youth where he is Wylis, a well-spoken stable boy and loyal servant to House Stark. When the white walkers and wights attack, Hodor’s disability is revealed to have been caused by Bran warging into Wylis, mangling the barrier between the minds of Wylis and present day Hodor.

The invasion of time and space causes Wylis to have a seizure, destroying his mind, having experienced his own death in the future. During his seizure, he heard present day Meera shouting, “Hold the door.” Wylis repeated the phrase over and over again until the words slurred together, forming the word “Hodor.”

Hodor meets his demise when wights begin tearing him to shreds by attempting to break the door. Obediently, the door is held to allow Bran and Meera to escape. Hodor lived his entire life to eventually save Bran from the White Walkers and died faithful as ever, serving House Stark of Winterfell. *cue hysterical tears*

In loving memory of Hodor, here are 10 times Hodor made his way into America’s heart of hearts.


1. Hodor lovingly taking Bran to see Tyrion, the very first time he makes his trademark by responding with “Hodor.”


Season 1 episode 4, watch the clip here


2. Hodor excitingly bursting into Bran’s room with his new saddle.


Season 1, episode 6, 8:29


3. Hodor enjoying a bath in the hot springs while Bran prays in the Godswood.


Season 1, episode 8, 37:53


4. Hodor’s concern over Bran’s shared dream of Jojen, and his relief when he sees Bran is okay. 


Season 3, episode 2, 3:27


5. Hodor hearing his own echo. 


Season 3, episode 10, 13:59, watch the full clip here


6. Hodor’s gentle nature when refusing dragon glass weapons by Samwell Tarly. 


Season 3, episode 10, 28:31


7. When Hodor is captured at Craster’s Keep by Karl’s men and tormented.


Watch the full clip here


8. Hodor going straight beast mode and killing Locke, Roose Bolton’s bannerman who was sent to capture Bran and Rickon. 


Season 4 episode 5, watch the full clip here


9. When Hodor holds the door (crying emoji). 


Season 6, episode 5, watch the full clip here


10. Basically every time Hodor said “Hodor.”


Watch the full clip here


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