If The Hunger Games Characters Were Thanksgiving Foods

Sam Trombley
Sam Trombley is a sophomore public relations major at Syracuse University. She typically spends her free time taking Buzzfeed quizzes, thinking about the next meal of the day, and pretending to exercise.

I don’t think I’m alone in wondering what each character from the Hunger Games would be if they were a Thanksgiving food. In celebration of today’s holiday and the recent release of Mockingjay Part II, I’ve created a definitive list of characters and their spirit dish.


1. Katniss = Turkey


Roast stuffed chicken with vegetables

Katniss is of course the turkey. Because on Thanksgiving, a turkey is not descriptive of a fool or a loser. The turkey is the main attraction. The big kahuna. The one thing everyone talks about even though the side dishes are way better. Plus, it’s a bird, and Katniss is into mockingjays, so it makes sense.


2. Peta = Mashed Potatoes 



Peta is the mashed potatoes because he is a bowl of blond-haired, pale skin emotional mush. But everyone still loves him because he’s comforting and soft to the pallet.


3. Gale = Gravy


Gale is the gravy because he’s all over Katniss and always trying to get up in her business. Plus, if liquefied, Liam Hemsworth may very well look like gravy.


4. Haymitch = Bread

The Hunger Games: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

Haymitch gets to be the bread because he’ll need the extra carbs to absorb the obscene amounts of alcohol he consumes on a regular basis.


5. Effie = Eccentric Centerpiece


Effie is the eccentric centerpiece displayed at your artistic aunt’s dining room table. It doesn’t really serve a purpose, but it’s mildly interesting to look at.


6. Finnick = Stuffing


Although stuffing my not sound like the sexiest of dishes for the most attractive man in the series, rest assured that stuffing is, in fact, an edible version of the gorgeous Finnick. Stuffing, like Finnick, is golden and full of goodness and desired by all humans.

Disclaimer: If you’re not a fan of stuffing, this may not apply to you. Just pick the food you find the most physically attractive (not in a weird way) and that’s your Thanksgiving Finnick.


7. President Snow = Poison Berries



Since I personally enjoy all Thanksgiving foods and do not consider any inexplicably evil, it was hard to pick the best option for Snow. I’ve settled on poisonous berries that your deranged cousin found in the woods and mashed into all the foods, resulting in the entire family being rushed to the hospital.

A stretch? Maybe. Impossible? No.