I Got Drunk At Paint Nite And This Is How My Painting Turned Out

Evangeline Axiotis
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Paint Nite pretty much has a cult following now. Girls are constantly popping up in my newsfeed posing next to their cute, flower paintings while holding a glass of wine. I hate to be so basic, but I like art and I definitely like to drink, so when my sister asked me to get in on this Paint Nite Groupon deal with her, I happily agreed.

Venturing down into Union Square, we arrived at an open room with a full bar at the very back. Long tables were lined up with paint brushes, as well as an easel at each chair. It’s first come, first serve seating, so naturally I bee lined to the two chairs closest to the bar. There were only two bartenders and a long line for drinks, so getting in line for the bar took precedence over getting our paint supplies. Priorities, people.

My sister and I started off with two glasses of pinots each. People were definitely judging us as we double fisted before the class even started, but we were not about that “waiting in line” life.

The class started and the instructor held up the painting that we are supposed to copy. It’s a tree with flowers and a blue sky background. She’s wearing a mic and starts giving step-by-step directions. First step – mimic the blue background. One guy was going around the room, making sure everyone got a close up of the painting.



I’m almost finished with my second glass of pinot. I wanted my piece to stand out a bit, so I started painting an orange background. As I’m looking around at all the blue canvases, I start to giggle. (The couple sitting next to me definitely thought I was colorblind). The instructor came to our table, saw my bright orange canvas, and with such judgement said, “That’s different.” Meanwhile, my sister is snapchatting this entire thing and laughing hysterically.

The class continued to follow all the instructions, one step at a time. When they moved onto drawing the tree, I moved onto a vodka soda. Despite my colors being completely off, my painting actually looked cool. My tree was coming along nicely and I felt the creative juices flowing, so I decided to get just one more drink. My hand started to cramp and I needed a drink to alleviate that, right? Right.

I got up to grab one more vodka soda and sat back down to put the finishing touches on my painting. I looked over at my sister who was pretty much done. She then played catch up with my drinking, while I’m played catch up with my painting.

I quickly realized I should have left my painting alone after my third drink. It definitely doesn’t look like a tree. At this point, I was just mixing every color on my plate and lobbing it onto the canvas. I was also using the same brush the entire time without washing it. YOLO.

Below is the final product. My sister’s is on the left and mine is on the right, if you couldn’t tell.



Paint Nite ended and I don’t even know what happened to my painting or my dignity.

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