How Your Memories Might Hold The Clue To What You Should Be When You Grow Up

Bianca Hofman
Bianca Hofman is a Dutch ultrashort-story writer, based in Barcelona, Spain. She writes super short stories about dating, culture and career. But who is Morris? Morris is Bianca’s imaginary muse, her yin, her alter ego, whatever you want to call him. "Y" means "And" in Spanish, in case you didn’t know. Yes, Bianca&Morris. Bianca has a passionate relationship with the city she lives in. Together with her sister she founded Barcelona Hofman, a flash fiction collaboration. The sisters launched Barcelona Hofman, May 2016, with an exposition during the open art gallery weekend in Barcelona. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @biancaymorris and @Bianca_Hofman

No clue what you want to be when you grow up? The answer might be in your memories!

When I was 7 years old, I had an amazing teacher. If I remember it correctly, teacher Anita used to give us illustrations to create our own story. I loved that.

Around that same time, I also got my first diary. I still have it, including a handwritten “Don’t Read This — Top Secret — You’ll Be in Trouble When You Do” warning on the cover. I thought that people might break the lock and read my I-am-in-love-with-Jasper stories.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Does that mean my career choice was easy? Well…no.

I can still see myself and my dad wandering around a career orientation market.

“Economy? Bleh! Advocacy? Pfff! Interpreter? No.”

My dad even joked that I might have to marry a rich guy.

Of course I never marry that rich guy. Instead, I decided to study journalism. I wish I could say it was because I wanted to change the world or I loved the smell of a fresh morning newspaper, but that’s not the case.

The School of Journalism was, in my opinion, the best option because the students who did the presentation were enthusiastic and I could write, although I was not sure about what.

I am 35 years old now and I have more than 10 years of copy writing experience. Yet, I have only recently discovered what I really love to write.

Inspiring people with super short stories makes me happy. It is more than a hobby. It makes me get up at 5 a.m., work during weekends, get over my fears and doubts.

I am doing the exact same thing I loved to do when I was 7 years old, when my imagination was free to fly, not worrying about other people’s opinions, failure or careers.

In order to give your life and career some direction, it helps to go back to the time you were a kid.

What did you love to do?

Don’t get me wrong, we need to face reality. The world is not a big fluffy pink cloud and we need to pay the bills.

There is a small chance you’ll make it into the Museum of Arts and Design, only because you loved to draw as a kid. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make time now to draw.

Doing the things you loved to do when you were a kid, letting go for a moment of the idea that you need to make money with this can give you a positive energy boost.

And who knows, you might use that energy boost to turn your rediscovered passion into a career.

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