How To Make An Extra $500 A Month From Secret Shopping

Katherine Moreno
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Right now 20somes, you’re probably stuck in a cubicle making anywhere from $12/hour to $25/hour. This may be enough to pay for rent, food, and necessities, depending on which city you live in. But what about that school payment lingering around every month draining your hard earned cash? Or that car payment that’s deducted on the 15th without fail? What if I told you right now you can make anywhere from $300 – $900 cash per month just by shopping? Or as they call it, secret shopping. Seriously, no bs.

Crazy, right? Here’s how:

I earn extra money every month as a secret shopper. Right now, brands are looking to pay people to ensure the brand value of their products. They want confirmation that their items are displayed correctly on shelves, their products are prepared according to standard procedures, and they want to ensure that the staff, who are essentially ambassadors of the product, are trained properly.

I’m serious. Keep reading.

Why do I visit these stores and pretend to be an average customer? Because these shopping experiences are not out of my way. I get assignments to go into department stores, car dealerships, and restaurants that take up to 10 minutes, and then 15 minutes to enter my findings online. I make $36 an hour doing things I normally would do: going out to eat and shopping. Sometimes I even get to keep the items I “purchase,” such as headphones, clothing, make-up and more.

I pay my rent and/or school payments every month from up to 25 hours per month of secret shopping. It’s usually on my way home from work, throughout the weekend, or during my lunch break. I know it sounds like a small amount – 30 bucks here, 25 bucks there, but at the end of the month it all adds up.

Like all “too good to be true” pitches or deals, be aware that some shopping sites are a scam. No site will ask you for money to join, ever. And if you ever do find one on your own, they should be on the Mystery Shoppers Provider Association’s list. This is the mystery shopper’s guarantee that is protected by the U.S. Consumer Protection Bureau.

Piquing your interest?

Some of the requirements to get started include a profile set-up and going through an ID verification that can take up to 48 hours. Once you are set-up, you will get a list of over 100 weekly shops within a 30 mile radius of your designated zip code.

You go to the shops on your time and select as many as you would like to do. Keep in mind that you have to enter the information quickly; usually within a 24-hour period of your assignment or you lose the opportunity to execute and get paid. This isn’t quick money though. You have to wait about three weeks to get a check, but that check will surely be worth it.

Let’s get started:

Here is a list of my favorite go-to shopping sites.

Best Mark



There is also an app that is super easy to use called Gigwalk. Download for your Android  or Apple device.

Happy shopping!

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