How To Live Life Without Letting Fear Hold You Back From Greatness

Bianca Hofman
Bianca Hofman is a Dutch ultrashort-story writer, based in Barcelona, Spain. She writes super short stories about dating, culture and career. But who is Morris? Morris is Bianca’s imaginary muse, her yin, her alter ego, whatever you want to call him. "Y" means "And" in Spanish, in case you didn’t know. Yes, Bianca&Morris. Bianca has a passionate relationship with the city she lives in. Together with her sister she founded Barcelona Hofman, a flash fiction collaboration. The sisters launched Barcelona Hofman, May 2016, with an exposition during the open art gallery weekend in Barcelona. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: @biancaymorris and @Bianca_Hofman

Being stuck in an elevator with Orlando Bloom, Adam Levine, Brad Pitt, or a boring date with a dull Tinder guy? I hate to admit it, but my fear of getting trapped in an elevator could knockout Orlando, Adam, Brad, and that date in one punch.

Spiders don’t scare me, skydiving is on my bucket list, and talking in public doesn’t freak me out. However, that doesn’t mean I am fearless.

On the contrary, I am a bit claustrophobic which is why elevators are not my friends. My friends in Barcelona know I wouldn’t hesitate to take the stairs to an ‘ático’, a top floor before stepping into an elevator.

I have never been stuck in an elevator, but somehow my mind pretends to know all about it. I’ll probably have a perfectly shaped butt by the time I am 85 if I continue to avoid elevators for the rest of my life.

Yet, I don’t like the idea of the fear taking control over my life, and I would really prefer those skyscraper views without being exhausted from walking a million flights of stairs.

That’s why I push myself to hop in an elevator occasionally.

My elevator fear is not helping me, but fears can be very useful. They can warn us of possible dangers. And when you are scared, it doesn’t always mean you’ll flee or become paralyzed; the adrenaline can put you on alert to perform better.

Fears don’t have to be a huge problem if you don’t let them paralyze you all the time. My life wouldn’t be that interesting if I avoided all of the things I am scared of.

When I am scared, I pull out all the stops to get out of my comfort zone, because fear for failure, rejection or losing beloved ones doesn’t get me anywhere. On the other hand, trying to understand where my fears come from, writing, Kung Fu, yoga, and talking with the people about the things that freak me out helps me get further.

It’s important to realize that no one is “fearless.” Many artists have confessed to experiencing stage fright. Adele even admitted once she vomits before nearly ever concert due to just that (and yet she still gets on stage and kills it).

Never forget to keep in mind that fear doesn’t mean you are weak, and that courage would not exist without it.

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