How To Get The Best Fireworks View In NYC This Weekend

Brandon Snively
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July 4th is such an exciting time during the summer. For some (particularly high school and college kids), it is basically saying “Hey, it’s July, and before you know it, you’ll be headed back to school.” For most, it’s all about the BBQ, the booze, the patriotism, and of course, fireworks.

For those in NYC, Macy’s will be holding their annual fireworks show on the East River for the second year in a row. Sorry NJ…looks like you’ll be out of luck again this year. Although for those in Jersey, you can go to Jersey City for their fireworks show at 9pm.

Since everyone who lives in one of the five boroughs will most likely be making some kind of moves to see the show, here are some places where you can go according to Macy’s and

  • FDR Drive: No you will not be hit by a car since they have shut down the road to cars and will open it to pedestrians. It borders the East River and can give you the up-close feel of the fireworks. You may have to strain your neck a little depending on where you are, but near the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges are preferable, as well as in Midtown between 23rd and 42nd
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park: Pretty much anywhere along this span, but there are designated entry points to access the park near the carousel, Grimaldi’s pizza/Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and Pier 6.
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade: Elevated and has spectacular views of the city skyline.
  • Queens: Gantry Plaza State Park

Here are some places to avoid according to the same sources, and just common sense:

  • Manhattan: Anywhere above 50th Street on the East Side or Battery Park and Battery Park City, unless you enjoy looking at office buildings instead of fireworks.
  • Governors Island: It will be closing at 7pm and no viewing areas there, bummer.
  • Roosevelt Island: Not recommended, but there are some saying the southern tip may be okay for viewing. Why would you want to go there anyway in the first place?
  • Queens: Hunters Point South Park

Expect there to be tons of traffic, both foot and car (don’t drive in the city people…roads will be closed), and tons of people on public transportation. But as always, party hard for America and stay safe!

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