According To Science, You Can Use Vanilla To Make You Feel Happier

Alain Saint-Dic
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The way our five senses experience the environment tends to affect the way we feel, usually leading to a feeling of either pleasure or displeasure. This is partly due to set expectations, and partly to the sensory quality of the experience itself, which leads to a chemical response from our bodies. For example, foods that taste amazing may be received poorly if they have a funky texture or color, while amazing scents may come from an unexpected food.

However, vanilla has stood the test of time as one of the most desirable foods, scents and flavors, usually lending itself to pleasurable experiences. In fact, according to science, vanilla can actually cause changes to your mood and make you feel happier. Applying this knowledge, you can tweak different experiences in your life just by using vanilla effectively. Here are some examples we’ve come up with for you to try out:

1. Use vanilla yogurt to make a lasting impression on your date

Vanilla yogurt has been shown to produce positive feelings in those that eat it. So let’s say you’ve gotten around to meeting what you feel to be your perfect Tinder match. First date level has been unlocked and you’re intent on leaving him/her with a good impression.

Three words. Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.

Based on this study, your date will actually attribute the pleasurable taste with your more positive qualities. It’s not a guaranteed home run, but you can certainly start rounding the bases.

2. Boost your mood throughout the day by eating vanilla flavored food

We all have good days and bad days. Fortunately, vanilla is there for you. Indulge in some vanilla on your worst days and you’ll find yourself looking at a few upsides, like hopefully having money to buy more vanilla stuff.

3. Spray vanilla scented perfume/cologne to ace that interview

Bring a copy of your resume, arrive 15 minutes early, shake hands firmly while looking them in the eye. Show up prepared to answer any and all questions. Ask questions. Send thank you email. And lastly, wear a light vanilla scent. I bet your career counselor didn’t tell you about that one. Again, it’s all about association. The scent will accentuate your more pleasurable qualities, and hopefully they won’t even realize that you’re not wearing pants.

4. Seal the deal when meeting the parents by having vanilla everything!

This is the big one. Meeting the parents may have big implications on your future. Why take any chances? Vanilla scented everything! Vanilla dessert, essence of vanilla in the water, vanilla fabric softener for the tablecloth, all vanilla everything so you can shine during that first meeting.

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