How To Diet With Your Pet (WARNING Includes Really Cute Doggie Yoga)

Alain Saint-Dic
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I’m not usually one for the body shaming; But ma’am, your cat is fat, and your dog isn’t just cute and fluffy, he’s obese.


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This doesn’t apply to everyone, but since more than two-thirds of America is considered obese, it’s not too surprising that a lot of their animals are overweight as well. Our pets are basically family members who get away with doing shit that humans can’t do after a certain age. They can defecate on our floors, tear our upholstery to pieces, wander off and return as they please, and the ultimate act of treason – eat off our plates with or without permission.

As pet owners, even though we enforce certain rules, we are basically enablers of our pet’s behaviors in the pursuit of ultimate cuteness. For example, if your cat looks at you while smacking glassware off the table, you’re likely to just pull out your phone in a fit of giggles. The same goes with feeding. When we stare at those super cute, round furry faces, it may be time for us to realize that it isn’t just cute and round, but an indicator of a possible health problem that may shave a year or two off its life.

Fact: Outside of any other genetic problems, leaner, healthier pets live longer.

I mean, who else are you going to play and jog with if your pet can’t make it up a flight of stairs. The most definitive player in pet health is the human, so its up to us to recognize that our pets need our help in leading leaner, happier lives.

What You can Do

Getting your pet on the right track may be a great opportunity to get yourself on track as well. Chances are, if your mid-day meal is a number 6 from Fastfoodsville USA, then you’re not exactly going to be especially concerned with the quality of your pet’s food. Changing your habits to a healthier lifestyle will reflect on your pet’s health.

  • To start off: consult a vet for your pet and a fitness professional or nutritionist for yourself.
  • Establish meal structure for you and your pet. Make sure your pet is not being overfed, or fed anytime it requests regardless of the whimpering faces it gives you. With the exception of treats, have a solid feeding schedule. Have a solid meal plan for yourself without constant snacking.
  • Check food labels, make sure that your pet is getting high quality ingredients in their food. Check out a pet food guide before making pet food purchases.
  • This is the best part: If you’re a dog person, you’re probably already getting a workout in with your furry friend. Find creative ways that involves calorie-burning activities alongside your pal. If you’re a cat person, hold onto hope that a staring contest burns calories.

As 20somethings, our pets are definitely an essential part of our lives in so many ways. It’s up to us to lead the way in helping them live long, full lives. Obesity in pets can be overlooked when it’s in such cute form, but now that I’ve told you, HELP THEM!

What It Means When Your Dog Is Fat

And if you’re a yoga person, try doggie yoga (or watch this cute video for inspiration):

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