How To Be The Trendiest AND Most Comfortable Person In The Airport

When most of us think of packing our travel outfits, the tiring look usually consists of worn down yogas, comfy tennis shoes and, of course, a head pillow. It’s time to turn that one-way flight from sloppy and dull to a chic with a dash of jet lag. Why has it become so common for women to not care about their appearance while dashing from concourse to concourse? Don’t tell me it is those new ComfortPlus+ seats on Delta that serve you unlimited “Bahama Mamas.” Being a chic, comfy traveler not only gets you a few extra glares in The Coffee Bean line at the airport, but you also score more points on the plane.

A stylish outfit + a classy attitude = better flight attendant service.

Like for real. Maybe next time you can even score a glass of bubbly from first class!

The Anatomy of an Jetsetter DO

T-shirt Dress:

Ditch the sweatpants and running shorts for this comfy, super on-trend T-shirt dress. I guess we can thank J Biebs for this one? It is as soft as a Hanes T-shirt with the style of a long jersey. Loose arm sleeves accompany a loose silhouette; perfect for any leg position on or off the plane.

Jean jacket tied around waist:

Yes, we all know that at 10,000 feet above ground it can get a little chilly or… maybe it’s just your armrest-hogging neighbor that has the AC on full blast. Tie up a light-wash denim jacket or comfy flannel around your waist to create a causal, layering effect. Bringing a lightweight jacket when flying is essential.

Adidas Superstars:

Remember when I said to ditch the rundown workout tennis shoes, well here is an exception: Adidas Superstars. They are the hottest, chicest and COMFIEST kicks around. Superstars create the ultimate “cool girl” look when traveling. These sporty, retro tennies are always a showstopper.

Apple Watch:

Are you the ultimate techie? Ditch your diamond encrusted Michael Kors watch for this ornate traveling accessory. An Apple Watch is a world-traveler’s BFF. You can load your tickets & credit cards all on your wrist. Honestly, when wearing one of these bad boys… people already know you are the SH*T.

Simple Jewelry:

Dress up your comfy attire with touches of simple bling. Adding a some simple rings and layered gold necklaces, can amp up your travel style just the right amount.

Pair of Frends Earphones:

It’s all in the tech, baby. Accessorize not only with your jewelry and oversized totes, but with a pair of leather-wrapped headphones with jazzy bling. Sporitn a pair of luminous, FRENDS earphones/buds in the airport assures you a solid 10/10 on the cool girl chart. Imagine carelessly swiping through Instagram on your iPad with a pair of these iridescent dudes on your head. All I have to say is: looking good killa.



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