How Physique Competitions, CrossFit And Sports Help Enhance Fitness Goals

Alain Saint-Dic
Alain Saint-Dic, Health and Fitness Editor at 20something, brings over nine years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Though he studied pre-law, his love for the human body, it's adaptive ability and unlocking the largely untapped potential of human beings led him to pursue a passionate career in health, fitness, and athletics.

Happy Monday, 20somethings! I’ve learned that when it comes to health and fitness, there are two places where we might get stuck when we’re establishing and realizing fitness goals – at the start and at the perceived finish.

The start is the place where you have to dive and put in an unrelenting amount of work, but the very first step has to happen with purpose. The perceived finish is where you’ve worked hard and you’ve done what you initially set out to accomplish, however, the question, “what’s next?” lingers.

It can lead to a sticking point, or even a slight void that accompanies your sense of triumph. At both of these points, establishing a clear purpose that also fuels your competitive spirit, whether it be against others or just yourself, can always give you something more to strive for. Here are a few ways to set the bar higher to ensure that you don’t plateau:


To Olympia and Beyond! – Physique Competitions

The National Physique Committee (NPC) is the governing body for amateur bodybuilding in the U.S. Of course when I say bodybuilding, your mind flashes with images of men and women with mountains of muscles. While it’s impressive, some of you have no desire to reach such massive heights.

However, the NPC has several different divisions to compete in, such as classic bodybuilding, that will definitely force you to push your body and level of discipline like you never have before. In an Arnold approved way, you can break through plateaus, and work to become the best version of yourself! Check out the website to get to know the community and different divisions. You might find a new passion!


Fittest Person on the Planet – CrossFit

No matter what personal opinions you may have heard about CrossFit, there are few workouts in comparison that will completely push your fitness limits, like this does, in every way possible. From individual lifts, to WOD’s and runs, you have the opportunity to set personal records in so many different ways.

If done properly, CrossFit is a workout that feeds your need for constant accomplishment mentally, physically and socially. You can strive to complete a particular workout circuit in a faster time, push the limits in heavy lifts like deadlift or power cleans. You can aspire to compete at different levels of the CrossFit games to be named fittest person on the planet! Or just join your local Crossfit gym and let your peers push you.


Blades of Glory

Zog sports, flag football, half/full marathons, obstacle course races, track and field clubs, and individual sports leagues are all about waking up the dormant athlete and providing vehicles for us to express our competitive natures. There are many options for different sports and teams, whether it’s gym-class-oriented or hardcore Blades of Glory competitions on ice.

Playing sports or joining leagues (usually for an annual fee) will have benefits such as training/working out with a team, decent coaching at your craft, and access to facilities. If it happens to be a marathon or obstacle course race, a brief Facebook search will bring you to other people who are pursuing the same goals as you and want to partner up to push the intensity.


Getting stuck is easily avoidable if you’re willing to take on challenges and try new things. Honestly, you never know what will end up being your burning fire at any moment in time, so step out of your comfort zones, 20somethings, and get competitive!