KKK and Black Panthers Show Down Following Confederate Flag Removal

Brandon Snively
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  • The Confederate flag was removed from the Statehouse on Friday, July 10.
  • The KKK and New Black Panthers both showed up to rally.
  • As expected, the two did not interact well – 5 people were arrested and 7 were sent to medical facilities.

Over the weekend, South Carolina’s capitol, Columbia, was a hot spot for opponents and some supporters of the Confederate flag. The flag was removed from the Statehouse on Friday, July 10, with hundreds gathered around to watch it be taken down from the flagpole.

The Confederate flag was first hoisted on top of the South Carolina Capitol in April 1961 to commemorate the start of the Civil War 100 years earlier, according to CNN. Since then, many African Americans wanted the flag taken down since they and others believed it was a symbol of racism. In 2000, the flag was moved from the top of the Capitol, to the grounds.

And now, in 2015, it’s gone. With change, come some angry people.


On Saturday, members of the Loyal White Knights of North Carolina’s Ku Klux Klan group were loud, obnoxious, and ugly on the steps of the South Carolina Capitol. They were out in full force even with only around 40 members present, according to estimates taken by the Wall Street Journal.

Whenever there is some sort of controversy, it’s almost guaranteed that people will respond and try to counter their ‘attack’ on a symbol that the KKK has no issue with.

According to an NBC Nightly News report, there has been a drastic drop in KKK membership and affiliation. In the 2000s, NBC reported that there are only a few thousand people involved with the supremacy group. The New Black Panthers were also at this rally on Saturday in South Carolina.



So what do the New Black Panthers + The Loyal White Knights =?

Well, it equals disagreement and fighting. According to The South Carolina Department of Public Safety, there were five people arrested as well as seven people who were transported to local medical facilities for evaluation and treatment. However, one of the members of the KKK told WOLO News that, “The Confederate flag does not represent hate. A lot of Americans died for that flag.”

Well, if there’s one thing to take from this clash, which over 2,000 people were present for, it’s that no one is going to go quietly. Hopefully this will dissipate at some point in the future, but as for now, there will continue to be a few who disagree and will try to make their voices heard.