How Facebook Has Changed Since It Was A College Exclusive Site

Ashley Falzone
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Facebook – The Mark Zuckerberg creation that has evolved over time and changed the world of social as we know it. What once derived from a couple of Harvard students in a dorm room who basically wanted to copy hot or (valid information from “The Social Network”), has transcended into a very different sort of conversation platform over the years.

Here’s my Facebook status from some odd years ago that summed up my opinion of what Facebook was at the time:

A place where college kids could meet and post pictures of debauchery that established adults would never see in which I thought I would not be a part of at 25 since it would stay this way forever.


  1. A place where everyone feels the need to post videos and articles about their opinions on politics, what is wrong with the world, Facebook (guilty as charged).
  2. A place for people to display their obsessions with weddings and babies and how amazing their jobs are and what vacations they are on to rub in everyone’s face and garner the most likes possible because transformed Facebook adults (including parents) can now see all and smite you.
  3. A place for people to play games like candy crush, FarmVille, and other such games that I ignore every request to.
  4. A place where people write ridiculously long statuses as if this is a public forum diary entry (guilty again) and treat this as a diary on life’s daily triumphs and tribulations that nobody truly cares about.

In essence, Facebook went from having only one purpose to having so many purposes that I wrote this ridiculously long status and am hated for one of the above. I received oh so many likes for that.

The main focus of our past though, was the debauchery.

College was chockfull of it, and it was here on Facebook, just between us young comrades, to view and laugh at. In order to join Facebook, you needed to have a college email address. It was our one and only forum to live out our college years with one another; a sort of exclusive club that our high school friends weren’t allowed in, and our parents barely knew existed. While everyone else was still representing MySpace, we were moving on up to college level social media. We complained while procrastinating our schoolwork, cursed profusely on one another’s walls, posted photos of our crazy college parties/spring break escapades (that are never to be shared), gave ideas for offensive Halloween costumes, etc. For instance, this following strange post that may or may not be on my wall could never fly today with all the adults abound:

“I’m (unnamed person) and when I’m married and having sex on Halloween my (unnamed person) will call me to wish me a happy Halloween because I will be having sex on Halloween because that’s normal.”

I realize nothing about that post is normal, but that’s beside the point.

There are also more subtle, ominous statuses, where questions from all parents and stalking aunts will occur:

“He got arrested.”

Omg who? How do you know this person? They must have voted for Obama. America is ruining our youth.

Can I just live? My profile picture was once a photo of me on Halloween dressed up as Aunt Jemima sipping on jungle juice from a sizzurp bottle while grinding to Lil Wayne. And you know what? I wouldn’t have traded sharing that with my college minions for anything in the world.

We needed that forum, that space to be our drunken, foolish selves navigating the world from a dorm room full of King’s cups.

Today, college students no longer have the freedom to live out their uninhibited recklessness because employers, parents, and colleges themselves are watching their every move, ready to expel and fire at a moment’s notice. My profile pic is now a basic picture of me dressed up for wedding, as if my past on Facebook never existed. Snapchat just isn’t the same, youngins, and I give my deepest condolences that everything had to change. But for those of us who can revel in the Facebook of yesteryear, t’was a simpler time indeed.

“I dont know how to function here… I think is going to kill Facebook and make everyone go back to Myspace”-The day the music died.

*some Facebook posts have been modified

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