How Adele’s Entire Album Perfectly Relates To Your Quarter-Life Crisis

I’m turning 25 this week, the big 2-5, and this reality has been giving me so much anxiety lately that I try not to even think about it. Thankfully as I approach this quarter life crisis I have DJ Khaled’s snapchat wisdom to get me throughout my day (MAJOR KEY TO SUCCESS).

I recently saw a bunch of memes (gotta love living your life through the internet) related to turning 25 that made me realize I may not be the only one freaking out about this. My favorites included a child hysterically laughing with the caption: “When I’m 25 I’m gonna have 2 degrees, married and own my own home.”

My reality: I have 1 degree, I’m VERY much single and I can barely pay rent every month on an apartment so honestly the relevance of this was too hard to ignore. It really got me thinking about what I thought my life would be at this point versus what it actually is. I didn’t think I would be married or own a house by now, but I definitely thought I would have much more of my life together with just a tad more of my shit together. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely stable in my own way and just because I spend 90 percent of my weekends nursing hangovers doesn’t mean I’m a complete trainwreck. I definitely have done a lot with my life thus far, I have a great job and a lot going for me, but there’s still so much I haven’t done, seen or perfected that it can be very overwhelming to think about.

2015 has been a crazy ride and with 2016 marking a quarter of a century on this planet for me, here is my current feelings and #firstworldproblems about this milestone as explained through Adele’s properly titled album “25.”


I could easily just relate this song to some sort of ex boyfriend situation, but this one really relates better with the fact that I can’t remember to call or text people back. I tend to read and answer texts in my head and forget to respond. Then I have all my friends calling and texting me like, “I must’ve called a thousand timesssss.” Sorry, not sorry.


2. Send My Love (to your new lover)

So this past year I ran into an ex and immediately caught all the feels again and tried to get back in touch with him. I know it was dumb, but I conveniently saw on his Instagram that he had a new girlfriend and my fallback game has been strong ever since. Lesson learned. *pats self on back*



3. I Miss You

Missing someone really sucks nowadays especially when I can expediently stalk them on social media and think about how much I missed them even more than before.



4. When We Were Young

Do you even remember the crazy college years by the time you hit 25? They’re slowly becoming such a distant memory to me. From what I can remember, the hangovers didn’t suck, you could eat whatever you wanted and not think twice about it, and you could pull all-nighters and still make it out the following night without dying. Ugh, now I can’t even fathom going to bed after 10 p.m. Monday – Friday.



5. Remedy

This one really reminds me of an ode to my good friends who are always there by my side through everything. Genuine friends are hard to find at this age and to be 25 with a handful of great friends is almost rare.



6. Water Under The Bridge

At this point in life all I can say is there are plenty of events or situations that I would love to put under the bridge and then burn that bridge down afterwards. Mwahaha.



7. River Lea

Ah, a song about the hometown that you grew up in isn’t that sweet. Too bad when I go home I go straight to my house, remain incognito and try not to run into anyone I don’t want to see at the mall. #suburbslife



8. Love in the Dark

I’ve had a decent amount of rebounds at this point in life. Some were beneficial, some were a waste, some I might have had while wasted so not really sure what good that did. The point is, though, I now realize the quicker you can get over someone, the better.



9. Million Years Ago

To say I’ve lived for 25 years with no regrets would be the biggest lie I’ve ever told. I have many regrets about things I’ve done or opportunities I didn’t take. Thinking back on it all, it really does feel like a million years ago when I was growing up and finding my way through life. Yet another reason to live in the moment and Carpe that damn Diem at 25!



10. All I Ask

Ending a relationship on good terms is something I’m still learning to do. I don’t know why it took so long for me to figure out that skipping out on the dramatics during a breakup can actually lead to a mature friendship in the future! *gasp and awe*



11. Sweetest Devotion

I know this song was particularly dedicated to Adele’s child but the lyrics here paint a beautiful love song and I can only imagine myself being a crazy dog lady singing this one to my fur babies. #foreveralone



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