20something Holiday Gift Guide: Mom & Dad

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means a few things:

  1. You’re becoming extra active on Bumble in an attempt to find someone to put on winter weight with during cuffing season.
  2. You’re starting to order a lot more delivery because there’s honestly a 0 percent chance you’re going outside.
  3. You’re about to start feeling that you’re being crushed under a giant weight of gifting pressure that doesn’t subside until the holidays have passed. Doesn’t that sound so fun?!

Unless you’re Leslie Knope, getting gifts for people can be the certifiable worst.

You always feel like you know someone until that moment when you need to use that knowledge to get them a gift that won’t require them to act like this child who received an avocado for Christmas:

Enter our curated 20something Holiday Gift Guides. Every Tuesday until Christmas, keep an eye out for our different gift guides that will make shopping for everyone on your list as seamless as possible. First up? The parents, aka two of the hardest people to get gifts for. They birthed you, took care of you when you were actually sick, and have really high standards even when they say they don’t.

Don’t worry. We got you.

Holiday Gift Guide For Mom & Dad

In the $0-$20 price range:

1. Superfood Kitchen Cookbook – $15

This book will teach your parents how to cook nutrient-filled and beautiful meals with “nature’s most amazing foods” that they may not have heard of yet.

Bonus: This also benefits you, as parents will likely try these recipes when preparing you meals on meals during time home for holidays.

Superfood Kitchen
I cannot recommend this idea enough. My sister and I have been gifting very weird calendars to our parents for years and it has become a treasured tradition. You can also do it with normal pictures, but then you don’t get the chance to embarrass yourself in front of the Walgreens employee who prints it for you.


Tip: If you’re competent in Photoshop, use that to spice up your photos. For example, here was our February 2015. Happy President’s Day!
yall is presidents
These flameless candles are perfect for parents who are crafty and/or entertain guests often. They are made from wax and flicker just like the real thing, but you won’t have to worry about your childhood home being set ablaze if they forget to blow them out.
This will give everyone a good laugh when they open it, but will also hopefully benefit both them and you. We 20somethings are evolving and complex creatures and I’m pretty sure most parents are just stuck in a consistent state of confusion when it comes to us.

5. Sipping Stones Chilling Rocks – $12

Are your parents classy as hell? Do you often find them sipping fine spirits while staring pensively out the window? If so, this set of 9 whiskey chilling rocks (with gift box and carrying pouch) will make the perfect gift. These stones, which you keep chilling in the freezer until use, can be added in lieu of ice cubes to prevent drinks from being diluted with water.



In the $21-$50 price range:

1. Exercise Gliding Discs – $34

These discs can be used in a number of both upper and lower-body workouts and will add a new element into their routine. They include one disc that slides on carpet and one on hardwood — a perfect gift for parents who prefer to exercise at home.


2. Convertible Wine Rack – $25

This foldable wine box and rack allows your parents to display their collection in a variety of different ways, providing them the opportunity to decide how they want to incorporate it into their decor.

Bonus: This provides incentive for parents to keep your home fully-stocked with wine when you come to visit, allowing you to be boozed up enough to associate with everyone from your high school you’ll inevitably run in to.


3. “The Romance of Flowers” Coffee Table Book – $47

This book gathers some of the most striking and stunning floral arrangements ever featured in Veranda magazine. The unique and creative designs can act as both a source of inspiration and a decorative piece for the creative parents out there.

Veranda The Romance of Flowers via homework (1)_thumb[1]

4. Cards Against Humanity – $25

The only thing parents love more than regular gifts are gifts that lead into you spending time with them. Initially this will be very uncomfortable for everyone involved, but after a few minutes (and mimosas) you’ll all be having a great time. You may even realize that your parents are actually sort of funny.


5. 48-Piece Nursery Storage Set – $33

Since we are adults now, “gifts for mom and dad” doesn’t just mean for our own parents, but also for our friends who are now parents themselves.


In the $51-$100 price range:

1. Wireless Wifi Multiroom Speakers – $90

If your parents are ready to graduate from their giant, chunky CD speakers, introduce them to the wonderful world of wireless and wifi everything.

Standard blenders are great and everything, but this is the real deal. It’s also way easier to clean and parents love that.
This modern take on the Victorian group portrait makes a chic and unique gift, and allows you to personalize it to represent each member of your family, your family name and year established.
Who doesn’t love delicious pastries with high quality ingredients that represent flavors from all around the world?


Bonus: This comes in a gift box, which makes for easy wrapping.
Double Bonus: Getting this for your parents means you’ll probably get to eat some, too.
And for you big spenders out there, in the $100+ price range:


1. Gramophone for iPad – $299
This striking speaker, compatible with the iPad and iPhone, melds a classic look with contemporary technology. Can’t go wrong with that.
2. GoPro Hero/GoPro Hero 4 – $118/$316
Give your parents a new way to capture the big moments and they’ll be editing embarrassing family videos together in no time.