Hey McDiners, You Can Finally Have Breakfast After 10:30 AM

Brandon Snively
Brandon is a Pace University graduate and avid Philadelphia sports fan, but don't hate him because of it...please? He was a former intern at the Howard Stern Show as well as a reporter for the MTA program Transit Transit Newsmagazine. He likes to be in front of the camera or behind the mic, but he enjoys news writing just as much.

The Jistt:

  • McDonald’s is making breakfast lovers’ dream come true by creating an all-day breakfast menu option available, scheduled to be in all U.S. restaurants by early October.
  • A test run was done in San Diego locations in April, then in a few Mississippi and Nashville restaurants.
  • Micky D’s has been having lower sales and revenue recently. Will this change entice its loyal egg McMuffin fan base?


You wake up and it’s 10:15 a.m. You and your friends are craving McDonald’s (or some other fast food joint’s) breakfast. You all hop into the car and speed to the nearest Micky D’s, but it’s 10:31 a.m. and the lunch menu’s already up. You cry a little inside, as your stomach growls, because you can’t get your egg McMuffin anymore.

Fast-food b-fast lovers, we’ve been there before, cursing the 10:30 a.m. curfew for breakfast. But McDiners rejoice–McDonald’s has announced it’s plan to roll out an all-day breakfast option as early as October.

McDonald’s first began testing out the all day breakfast in April at a few San Diego locations, according to a Fortune report. One of the reasons why McDonald’s could not provide breakfast all hours was because of limited grill space. However, it’s time for McDonald’s to step up to the plate to compete with other chain restaurants, such as Taco Bell and Subway, who are really stepping their game up when it comes to their breakfast menu.

It’s no doubt that for some, McDonald’s breakfast is life, but is this really a wise decision on the company’s part?

What many people don’t know is that McDonald’s has been having a rough time recently with sales and revenue. They are still making, according to 20something calculations, $1,453.36 a second, based off of their $1.1 billion in earnings last year reported by Fortune. McDonald’s has been ‘hurting’ (term used loosely) financially after missing market expectations since the end of 2013.

Could this all-day breakfast option help out their earnings?

Having this option will attract customers who don’t normally eat at the chain when they’re craving breakfast food. The nutrition labels may not be appealing, but the food is to some. McDonald’s will be the first major fast food chain to offer an all-day breakfast option. Even after testing it out in restaurants in three states, there’s a risk for failure. Let’s not forget that many chains, including McDonald’s on several occasions, have suffered from failed products over the years (do we all remember the McLobster? Yikes).



The real question is: Will New Jersey natives (and others) abandon their diners for this option or will the McDonald’s breakfast loyalists win out?