He’s The #Boss: Jack Dorsey Is Named As Twitter’s CEO Once More

The OG boss has been reinstated. Jack Dorsey was named the CEO of Twitter on Monday, making his big announcement on his Twitter, of course.

The 38-year-old co-founder has been chairman of Twitter since 2008, according to the Associated Press. He was named the interim CEO in July 2015 when Dick Costolo announced his sudden resignation after frustrations with user growth.

There has been much debate the past couple of weeks about whether Dorsey can handle the CEO position since he is also the founder and current CEO of Square, the mobile payment platform that was founded in 2009. Previously, Twitter’s board members said they wanted someone who would make a “full-time commitment” to the site. Dorsey was CEO of the company before, but was dethroned.

The board changed its mind once they saw Dorsey excel as interim CEO. After Monday’s filing, Twitter said the following:

“Mr. Dorsey was selected to serve on the Board because of the perspective and experience he brings as one of Twitter’s founders and as one of Twitter’s largest stockholders, as well as his extensive experience with technology companies”

According to the SEC Filing, Dorsey will not be compensated for the role of CEO, but does hold a large majority of shares.

Adam Bain, President of Global Revenue & Partnerships, will now be the Chief Operating Officer. He was also in the running for the CEO position at Twitter.

Twitter’s newest venture “Project Lightening” will debut this week, which allows Twitters users to see tweets organized by events that are currently taking place. Some of the subject matter that could be categorized are events like breaking news, award shows and sports. This will allow users to click on an event and see a collection of what people are tweeting about.

So can Jack help boost the social media site’s status and compete with other emerging platforms? We’ll just have to see. There’s already word that Twitter will be getting rid of its 130 character limit, a characteristic that the site is known for.