Here’s Why It’s Best To Workout In The Morning

I wouldn’t consider myself a morning person. I love to stay up, sleep in, and make the most out of the snooze button. That’s why people are surprised to find out that for the last two years I’ve been waking up at 5:30am, slamming a pre-workout, and dragging myself to the gym.


Waking up extra early can be miserable, but what are some of the benefits?

1. No one wants to hang out at 6am

What’s worse than waking up early in morning? Bailing on your friends when they want to grab dinner, not bonding with your co-workers when they want to go to happy hour, and missing the opportunity to meet someone awesome at a networking event – all because you were at the gym. Since you can’t change when these things happen, you should just change what time you workout. By working out bright and early, your post workout plans stay intact. Making gains is all about consistency; you need to eliminate any excuses for you to skip workouts.


2. You’re the only one at the gym

You don’t have to deal with lying on sweaty benches, walking around smelly people, or waiting for equipment. An empty gym is a beautiful sight. With morning workouts, you get to take advantage of the fresh gym all to yourself. You also save tons of time by not waiting around for the squat rack to free up.


3. Looking and feeling swole all day

Part of the reason we work out is to look good. Nothing feels better than having a pump going at the beginning of the day. Despite what happens the rest of the day, you know that you’ve already had a productive morning. That extra boost of confidence is sometimes all it takes to keep the momentum going.


Now that we know the benefits, how do you get into a morning workout routine?

1. Choose your workout days wisely

I am a firm advocate for working out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you go out on the weekends, waking up on Monday morning is nearly impossible. Also, by incorporating a weekend, you only have to wake up super early on two weekdays.


2. Adjust your sleeping habits

This is fairly obvious, but to wake up early, you should go to sleep earlier. Try to go to bed by 9:30pm on the nights before you workout. On the other nights, you can afford to stay up a bit later.


3. Supp Up

Sometimes your body needs a little help. Training when you first wake up takes a little getting used to. Having a pre-workout supplement before and drinking a BCAA (Branch Chained Amino Acid) supplement during your workout should give you all of the energy you need.


What tricks do you use to get yourself going in the morning? Comment below!