Here’s Everything You Need To Know From The News In The Last Week

This week in the news, cities continue to recover in the wake of natural disasters, college students protest with dildos and our girl SJP speaks out on the EpiPen controversy.


Update on the Louisiana Flooding Aftermath:

  • After the horrific flooding in Louisiana August 12, the clean-up process is finally in full swing as a line of trucks go down residential streets picking up the water-soaked remnants of people’s lives.
  • Heads of those truck companies are saying the damage is much worse than what’s being reported and estimate 60 to 90 days of debris removal alone.
  • Obama took some heat for not ditching his family vacay to support the victims. But he came on August 23, saying:

Even after the TV cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt.

  • The total damage total: 40,000 homes and 10 people killed.
  • To make matters worse, a charter bus carrying workers to Baton Rouge to help with the cleanup crashed into an accident scene Sunday morning, killing two people and injuring several more. The bus was reportedly being driven by Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras.
  • One of the people killed was a firefighter who was on the scene dealing with the initial crash.


Hillary Calls Out New “Alt-Right” Faction of Conservative Media:

  • Hilldog is calling out a new faction of conservative media, “Alt-Right.”
  • What is Alt-Right? It’s a white supremacist group. Buzzfeed described them perfectly: “4chan-esque racist rhetoric combined with a tinge of Silicon Valley–flavored philosophizing, all riding on the coattails of the Trump boom.”
  • Hillary is saying the party is anti-diversity, anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, racist, and sexist.
  • And low-and-behold, the “alt-right’s” candidate of choice is….Donald Trump.


There’s Another Restriction on What Women Can Wear:

  • The mayor’s office of Nice, France recently banned burkinis this past week.
  • Back up, what’s a burkini? A burkini is a bathing suit for Muslim women who wear hijabs and burkas. It’s like a full body wetsuit but for everyday swimming.
  • Yes, we are telling you that a 2016 European government deemed women covering up their bodies as offensive and not representative of secularism.
  • Backlash from people all over the world was rampant when a video of a woman being forced to take her burkini off (one piece stayed on), in public and in front of her children, went viral.
  • The French government stepped in Friday saying the mayor’s office holds no authority to implement such a ban (lol you’re the mayor not the prez) and lifted the ban.
  • This comes after 84 people were killed and 202 injured in the terror attack on Nice back in July, so tensions towards the entire French Muslim population has been at an all-time high.


University Students Protest Guns With Dildos:

  • The University of Texas at Austin permitted guns on campus in classrooms.
  • Anti-gun students are bringing dildos to school (because that’s still outlawed).
  • These students are protesting Texas’ new gun law, that allows anyone over 21 with a state-issued handgun license to carry a concealed weapon on public school campuses.
  • Openly carrying dildos, however, could be prohibited under campus rules and the state’s obscenity laws.
  • #CocksNotGlocks
  • “As long as you have a dick on your backpack, people will be thinking about the guns inside of other people’s backpacks,” Jessica Jin told Refinery29.
  • The law means that 221,000 public university students could find themselves learning in a classroom alongside a peer or professor who is carrying a legal gun.

6.2 Earthquake in Italy Leaves Thousands Homeless:

  • In Amatrice Italy, the death toll rises to 267 as aftershocks continue and leave more than 2,000 people living in temporary emergency camps.
  • Within a 72-hour window after the initial 6.2-magnitude earthquake, nearly six aftershocks have followed.
  • The death toll continues to rise as bodies are recovered. The current number stands at over 290.
  • The Italian Council of Ministers approved a state of emergency Thursday for the regions affected by the earthquake, allocating 50 million euros in funding.
  • Our thoughts, good vibes, and prayers stay with all those affected.


SJP with the Final ‘Hell No’ On EpiPen Debate:

  • You may have been hearing a lot about EpiPens recently. That’s because the price of an EpiPen twin pack went from $100 to $600: a 500 percent price increase.
  • The EpiPen company, Mylan N.V., released a statement reason claiming the new price reflects the EpiPen’s worth…oh and by worth you mean the lives of human beings with allergies?
  • What looks even worse is that the CEO Heather Bresch’s income skyrocketed to $18 million.
  • However, Bresch is faulting insurance companies for making people pay so much out of pocket.
  • But why Sarah Jessica Parker? Because her own son is deathly allergic to peanuts and relies on the EpiPen himself.
  • Although Mylan N.V. announced discounts to “patients in health plans who face higher out-of- pocket costs” and to double the $24,300 income level to an income level of $97,200 of which families can receive financial help, SJP and millions of others believe that still won’t be good enough.

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