Here’s A Sneak Peek At What Apple Will Announce On Wednesday

Brandon Snively
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Wednesday will be a big day for Apple to help gain back its iFans and sales.

It might seem like Apple is taking over the world, but they’ve surprisingly been losing sales since 2014. So for Apple enthusiasts and general techies, tomorrow’s meeting is going to highlight a lot of what Apple is going to unveil not just in terms of technology, but also marketing and sales strategies to increase interest and revenue.

So what should we expect?

We can’t be too sure, but says a new iPhone will be announced, as usual. Most likely it will be called the iPhone 6S or the 7. The price won’t be a huge factor, since most iPhone users just want to know what they will be paying for. Apple TV is also expected to be one of the big changes in Apple’s plans to revamp. One of the biggest speculated announcements, however, is the new iPad camp.

Two new iPad’s are planned to hit the shelf. iPad sales have decreased despite the fact that tablets are becoming more popular among consumers.

All eyes will most likely be focused on the iPad Pro. This pro version of the iPad will be bigger, better, and bolder. People say the pro version will have 64GB storage, come in three colors: gold, silver, and space grey, and have LTE support. The price is expected to be a whopping $1,200, as much as a Macbook. While these are just rumors, it definitely sounds possible.

Sources say there were production issues which are delaying the release date back to late November. So get your Christmas shopping lists ready with some new Apple products.

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