Have Fun, Stay Cute: 5 Ways You Can Be The Best Concert Date Ever

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So it’s date number four and you’re past the annoyingly awkward phase but not quite at the “poop at their house” phase. It’s a tricky spot, so we’ll call it “fourth date limbo.” Anyway, as you prep for an evening of festivities with your new beau, you send a text asking where you guys are headed tonight. Much to your surprise and excitement, he says you guys are hitting The Weeknd’s concert in a matter of hours.

As a true fan of The Weeknd, I can imagine the shaking that’s happening in your boots right now. But you need to get it together. You can’t go full groupie mode if you’re banking on date number five. Concerts are a great way to see your potential significant other in a comfortable atmosphere. Here are some of the best ways to have fun while still keeping it cute.


Don’t Overdress

Concerts are designed to be fairly casual affairs. A slight heel is definitely an option, but please don’t step out the house in your Sunday’s best. Keep it chic, but comfy. I always throw on a trendy dad hat to dress myself down a tad.



Lip Synch

Nobody paid to hear your vocals, ma. Hit a note every once in a while but if you’re singing over the artist for majority of the show I will personally throw you onto the street. Not really, but please don’t sing over Beyonce because you happen to also be drunk in love.



Control Your Groupie Instincts

Yes, watching your fave artist onstage is grounds for your highest pitch scream as you relentlessly lust over an artist you’ll never have. And yes, in your eyes this is harmless because of course you’re not leaving with Trey Songz. However, he sees this as “why am I sitting here next to this loser when I could be laid up with Trey. Ugh.” So keep it contained until you recap with your girls later.


Go With the Flow

There’s a lot of traffic and congestion at concerts. There are people pushing, people drunk, people getting lost, just a lot of people doing things. It is definitely a recipe for aggravation. Show your date you’ve mastered the art of patience by enjoying your surroundings without complaint. Treat everyone you run into with respect, not only because it’ll make you look good but because you really should be doing that anyway.



Don’t Be Shy

The underlining goal of any concert is to have fun. Be entertained. If the artist says stand up and say “CORN CHIIIIIPS” then get up and yell. Dance, hold your faux-lighter up during ballads, and rap the lyrics to your favorite song. The best thing you can do as a date is show your beau that you’re enjoying it.

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