‘Have A Nice Life Asshole’ Adult Coloring Book Is Here To Mend Your Heart

Colleen Woodward
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There’s nothing I loved more as a kid than coloring. As I got older and started babysitting, I basically used to bribe children to color so that I could dig into their awesome ‘Frozen’ coloring books.

So, it’s only natural that when adult coloring books came out, I was all over that shit. Seriously, I have about five different ones (which I asked for as Christmas presents, nerd alert), and all of the colored pencils and markers you could ever want.

Besides the fact that coloring is fun AF, these books are a lifesaver when I’m feeling super anxious or stressed. There have been plenty of questions as to whether or not these adult coloring books are actually stress-reducers, and I’m here to say that they most definitely are. It gives you a moment to sit down, relax, and focus on choosing the best colors, and making sure you don’t go over the lines — therefore your attention goes to the coloring rather than mulling over how shitty your work day was (a glass of wine while doing this helps).

However, if you’ve recently gone through a tough breakup with a significant other who doesn’t deserve another minute of your time, I’ve found the perfect adult coloring book for you.

Ladies, meet ‘Have a Nice Life Asshole’ by Creative Collective found on Amazon.

Don’t let the beautiful cover deceive you, this coloring book doesn’t just have cool flowers to color in. No, they’ve got all of the thoughts, words, and emotions you wish you could scream at that whack ass guy who cheated on you.

Ouch. See? They aren’t messing around, and neither should you.

All sass, we love it.

They really want you to get your emotions out with beautiful colors and a big FU to the guy who messed with your bad self.

Now imagine how much prettier these pictures would look all colored in, especially after a glass (or five) of wine? So, go click on the link above to order your post breakup coloring book — it’s cheap, and worth it. Cheers to coloring books that just get us.