Study Shows What 20somethings Think Are Most (And Least) Attractive In A Potential Partner

Ashley Falzone
Ashley is your semi-above-average 20 something living in Astoria who lives and breathes NYC life. She goes about her days looking forward to all the food she will consume. She also loves referencing Kanye West quotes in her articles whenever applicable.

For all the single ladies (and men) out there, the new year often means trying to figure out new ways to find love. Binge watching Netflix alone while eating Seamless can get old during cuffing season. Lucky for you, we have the survey details on what men and women REALLY find sexy, to help you lucky readers in your courting woes. The survey, conducted by the popular global dating app Happn and the leading international luxury beauty box service GLOSSYBOX, analyzed more than 6,500 men and women.

Here are some key points from the survey that will help you find your best partner.


80 percent of women say he should make first move, while men are 50/50.

Clearly, women still enjoy the wooing while many men want their lady to take charge.


Ladies, no need to bust yourself with those heels.

Guys prefer you in casual chic — a T-shirt and jeans are always sexy.


Unfortunately, men will need to make more of an effort on their wardrobe choices.

Girls love a good suit (fitted is best to show off those abs, amiright?) and business casual.


Personality truly goes a long way!

A sense of humor is the number one sexiest feature in a potential partner, according to the respondents. Self-confidence and intelligence are also among the best attributes in a prospective love match.


Introverts just can’t seem to catch a break.

Shy and sensitive types were among the least voted traits for both men and women.


Do you usually try to find something unique and different for a first date?

According to respondents, restaurants are the top date spot for both men and women, with neighborhood bars in second place. You can’t go wrong with some good old-fashioned eating and drinking.


Check out the whole infographic and learn more about Happn. Your special someone is just a click (or in person meeting) away!