The Retro-Inspired Playlist To Make Your Summer

Kiran Josen
Kiran is your average 20something living in Astoria and working in Manhattan--the hustle is indeed real. You can frequently find her lounging in the park (with a bottle of cheap-ass Rosé), checking out some obscure band in the basement of a Brooklyn warehouse (probably called MilkToad), or attempting (and failing) to cook.

Being nostalgic is very in right now. From fashion to TV/movie reboots to music, there’s nothing quite like indulging in an era you weren’t even around for.

We’re paying homage to the powerhouse girl groups of the 60s (like the Shangri-La’s, the Supremes and the Shirelles). These ladies — with the occasional gent — are indulging in that signature beachy, surf-inspired, doo-wop sound. So embrace the throwback! Bonus, you may have just stumbled across some tunes that you and your parents can finally actually agree on making that obligatory family road-trip way more bearable.

Feels like: Retro one-pieces, lazy beach days and Mister Softee ice cream cones

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