(GIFs) Anywhere and Everywhere Exercises: ‘Train’ Your Waist Without A Waist Trainer

Chavonne Hodges
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2015 was the year of waist training, or as the Ying Yang Twins might say the year of “Cute face/slim waist/ with a big behind.”

That’s right, thousands, if not millions, of Kardashian loyalists strapped themselves into skin-tight corset-esque devices in hopes of permanently shrinking inches off their waists. And sure, it seems like a good idea in theory — get an hourglass shape by cinching your stomach — but to be frank, waist trainers are dangerous. Similar to the 1500s corsets, waist trainers can damage your organs and create complications with your nerves. They can literally crush your soul.

So what’s the solution? Put down the waist trainer and do some ab workouts of course!

Here are three effective moves to slim you down real quick.

Tune: Let’s take it back 10 years when it was OK to wear a du-rag in public, and we thought Mike Jones’ hotline was blinging:

Ying Yang Twins – Badd ft. Mike Jones


Move 1: Toe Touch Crunch



Move 2: Russian Twist




Move 3: Heel Touch



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