(GIFS) Anywhere And Everywhere Exercises: Live From Your Living Room

Chavonne Hodges
Chavonne Hodges is a NYC-bred Advertising professional by day and fitness enthusiast by night. Her love of music and fitness inspired to her to start GrillzandGranola, a fitness brand for trap and R&B lovers, merging contemporary music with exercise. When she's not working one of her many passion projects, she's recording her imaginary mixtape and discovering new music under the pseudonym "Young Chavo."

Andre 3000 once said, “If models are made for modeling, thick girls are made for cuddlin.”

And while it’s a simple, yet clever, halfway-true music lyric about anatomy and love (everyone is made for cuddling!), it undisputedly brings up images of lazy Sundays, Netflix & chilling, and living room hibernations in my mind. You know what? That’s OK. It’s officially winter now. It’s cold!

But let’s not make excuses for ourselves to not workout all because of a little frigid weather. If personal trainers exist in Alaska, there is no reason for you to be inactive this January.

So here are three moves to keep you fit — live from your living room!

Tune: Frank Ocean — Pink Matter feat. Andre 3000

Move 1: Leg Raises




Move 2: Elevated Push-Ups




Move 3: Tricep Dips



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