Dance, Dance, Dance: Get Pumped For E-ZOO 2016 With This Playlist

Mark Wolf
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Labor Day means different things to different people: some barbecue, others play beer pong, but us? We rave.

Because any warm day can be spent eating chimichurri burgers while staying afloat on a pink swan, but screaming, cheering and dancing among over 85 thousand other ecstatic fans at Electric Zoo Wild Island, New York’s largest EDM festival, is a fleeting opportunity that’s here September 2nd and gone September 4th.


Everyone remembers their first time. Growing up in NYC, E-Zoo seemed to be everyone’s first EDM festival. After resisting the bubbling DJ fad in favor of small to medium sized rock concerts, I finally relented and went to see Adventure Club, Porter Robinson and the legend Tiësto in 2012.

After walking in and looking around, I had to rub my eyes to make sure this wasn’t a flashback to my shroom trip or an oasis-in-the-desert mirage. It wasn’t. There was more rave booty in my immediate vicinity than there are laptops in my immediate vicinity at Ludlow Coffee Supply right now.

So I did what any normal ex-lifeguard high-school senior would do: whipped out my key chain sharpie and romped around the festival grounds autographing boobs.


I’ve since enforced a request-only policy on my autographing, out of respect for Labor Day. And what better way to pay tribute to all the good that American workers have contributed than with three days of exhaustive partying on a festival spanning all of Randall’s island? This is what the holiday was made for. So bring those empty Camelbacks, GoPros and Kandi beads for a plurnt weekend.


Three stages hosting the most relevant artist and genres, and a recovery from a recent rough patch: E-Zoo is a beast. Prepare for Tropical House from Claptone, Mainstage EDM/Bass Music from Borgore and Flux Pavilion and Future Bass from Louis The Child. ID&T and Made Event even saved room for festival rappers like Juicy J and Lil Dicky.
But in the end, the best appetizer is a recap:

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