Get Connected: 5 Reasons LinkedIn Helps Lead You To Your Dream Career

As a Career Branding Specialist, Niels Reib help professionals attract the career they want and deserve through Authentic Career Branding, so they can unleash their full potential and live a more fulfilled life, doing what they love with less stress and more to give to the most important people around them. With his mix of Scandinavian humility and American confidence, Niels has helped and inspired people to showcase their professional skills from Denmark to Los Angeles.

Today, LinkedIn is an important player in the career space. It’s increasingly becoming the go-to platform for recruiters, headhunters, and employers when they are looking to find candidates for job openings, and it’s your chance to build a valuable professional network.


1. 93% of recruiters are using social media and Google to scan candidates

It’s not only recruiters that are scanning social media and Google when they research candidates. Sixty percent of employers do it as well, which means that your online reputation and presence will most likely play a significant part of the hiring process next time you’re applying for a job.

Using LinkedIn is the easiest way for you to put your skills on display online and it’ll help open a world of opportunity for you.

2. Display your professional online profile

You want your LinkedIn profile to be as complete and optimized as you possibly can since it’ll help you show up in searches when employers, headhunters, and recruiters are looking to hire someone with your talent.

You want to focus on 5 to 7 keywords throughout your profile that will help you rank on those skills/keywords. If you can get endorsed or recommended on those skills as well, then that’ll give some social proof to your profile.

3. Connect and develop professional relationships

Being the world’s largest professional online network with more than 400 million users, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to connect and build professional relationships with people from all over the world.

The best way to find new people to connect with is by being active in the groups. Doing that will help you get in front of like-minded people, and when you share your thoughts and knowledge, then chances are you’re going to grow your network quickly.

4. Build your career brand

Having a strong LinkedIn presence is going to help shape your career brand and help others get a sense of not only your professional character, but your personality as well.

Building your career brand on LinkedIn is all about being helpful and sharing updates, articles, videos or other types of content that either has inspired or helped you. Another great way to build a strong career brand is through sharing your knowledge by writing blog posts on topics you’re professionally passionate about. Those blog posts will be collected and displayed on your profile, which will help you stand out even more when your next employer visit your profile.

5. Attract career opportunities

LinkedIn is increasingly being used more by recruiters, headhunters, and employers as the platform where they find candidates for their job openings.
That’s why having a solid presence on LinkedIn can help you attract not only people to your network but also the right career opportunities.

Just this past week I talked to one of my good friends and he told me that he just quit his job because he was offered a new one through LinkedIn. That’s the third straight time he landed a new job through his LinkedIn profile and the network he has built on there.


To sum it all up: having an optimized profile and being active on LinkedIn can help pave the way for you to attract and get the career you want. Today, it’s not necessarily what you know, but instead, who you know that can help you achieve career success. Being on LinkedIn gives you a great opportunity to connect with people from almost every industry from all over the world and follow industry leaders to stay on top of what goes on in your field. It’s important for you to have a professional profile and presence on the platform if you want to achieve your career goals and unleash your full career potential.

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