Game Of Clothes: Our Favorite Mystical Looks From 6 Seasons Of GOT

Lindsey Washington
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Now that everyone has settled from the shock of the end of season 6 (Hello Cersi, hello dragons, and a special hello to you Jon Snow Stark-Targaryen) we can officially start talking about the outfits.

Besides the dragons (which I live for), the fashion on this show is seriously on point, the medieval – mystical theme they have going on is right up my alley and since we have to wait an entire fiscal year until the next season what better way to fill our time that talking about and looking at the best outfits from the past 6 seasons.
I can only image what they have in store.

Season 1: Cersi Lannister

Even though Cersi is among my top five hated characters (also included on this list are Ramsey, Theon, Joffrey, the Faith of the Seven and the Mountain for killing Oberyn), she is usually wearing some amazing outfits. Since this gem is from season one aka about six years ago, I most definitely do not remember the context in which it was presented. However, I can only assume she was plotting the demise of everyone and anyone who even dared accidentally walk in her path.



Season 5: Sansa Stark

Who could forget the wedding between Sansa Stark and RIP, but not really in peace, Ramsay Bolton. Now this is Sansa’s second or third wedding? I can’t actually remember, but she was also married to Tyrion in season three, who let’s face it was probably the best husband EVER. I mean who doesn’t want to drink, laugh and basically shit on everyone in the kingdom all while visiting various brothels? Anyways her dress in this episode was amazing, she’s giving me direwolf fierceness mixed with a little bit of ice princess chic, not to mention her hair is on point.



Season 6: Sansa Stark

Who could forget in the Battle of the Bastards when Sansa rolled up on her horse with Little Finger and a small army to come save her big brother Jon and company from Ramsay? Not I! Needless to say I was too shocked to notice what she was wearing, of course. But after many Buzzfeed recaps, I noticed she was not only dressed to kill, but dressed to slay as well. I’m obsessed with the velvet and the fur as well. I also imagine this outfit is quite warm for someone who is constantly on horseback.



Season 4: Daenerys Targaryen

Moving right along to my absolute favorite character Daenerys, or as I like to call her, Dany. She is always dressed to kill and that she does. I’d like to take a second to really focus on the shapes of these outfit which are so beautiful. The cutout around the neckline is so nice and exposes just the right amount of skin and is very queenlike. I’m also obsessed with the front and the varying fabrics. Once again, no idea where she was when she was sporting this outfit, but I love it. The only thing that would’ve made this outfit complete is if she had a dragon sitting on her shoulder.



Season 4: Daenerys Targaryen

Same season, new amazing outfit. I can’t exactly remember but I think this was the season when the dragons were like “hey mom, we’re teenagers and don’t feel like listening!” Hence all the sad looks on her face. I will say this is another of my all time favorites, even though it’s a little small for a warrior princess, I guess wherever she was must’ve been pretty hot so all in all this outfit is pretty appropriate.



Season 4: Margaery Tyrell

I am quite obsessed with Natalie Dormer to being with and I love the evil women she always plays in movies, this time was no different. This is the wedding dress she wore in Season 4 when she married Joffrey aka one of the best Game of Thrones moments. I love the color, the silhouette, the back, the flowers, the material. Literally everything about this is perfect.



Every season she’s been on: Melisandre

There’s a reason they call her the lady in red, because this bitch is always wearing red. Every single season and/or episode she’s in she’s always sporting an all red outfit, complete with red hair and that fierce red necklace. Despite her being the absolute worst ie. giving birth to demon baby, burning a child at the stake and basically not being able to predict any sort of future she always looks good, and there was that one time she bought Jon Snow back from the dead. So we’ll call it even.



Seasons 1 – Present: Jon Snow

This selection is less about the outfit and more about the man in the outfit. Besides the love affair with that one wildling Jon Snow pretty much stays covered and in the same outfit. A suite of insane armor, complete with swords and swash buckles (whatever those are) and one massive fur. He looks super cozy and pretty chic for someone on the night’s watch.



Season 5: Daenerys Targaryen

I know this post is super Daenerys heavy but I just can’t help it, she always looks so majestic and queenly. This particular dress was worn while she was in Meereen inside one of the pyramids I think? While the who, what, where and when aren’t super important I do want to draw attention to the fact that she tries to look oh so innocent and pure, when in fact the reason that she came to Meereen in the first place was to kill all the masters and slavers. I love the two textures on this dress and the various shades of white and once again she kills it with the neckline.



Season 1: Khal Drogo

I would like to take this last spot and dedicate it to Khal Drogo, because even know he was only on for one season, and I definitely wouldn’t describe him as wearing anything resembling an outfit he was my favorite person to look at. So here’s to you Khal and your painted chest, may it rest in peace.