Founder Paul Reder Explains Why Bass Camp Is Unlike Any Other Music Festival

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With music festivals springing up like daisies in the spring, it’s only natural that they begin distinguishing themselves. If only for fans to know they’ll be around like-minded people.

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Bass Camp has done just that, and is about to enter its fourth year, complete with taste-making headliners like Nero and a beautiful, natural setting on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe. Here with us is Bass Camp Founder, Paul Reder, who’s going to drop some knowledge like Krewella is gonna drop the bass come August 6:



20something: How do you think Bass Music and its fans differ from the rest of EDM’s?

Paul Reder: I think of Bass Music as more of an umbrella term, encompassing a wide variety of electronic music, ranging from Deep House Bass music, to the more gritty beats. I think fans of Bass Music have a wider variety of musical tastes when it comes to EDM, especially the Bass Camp fans. We present shows ranging from Excision or Nero, down he spectrum to Mat Zo, and Kidnap Kid. The Bass Camp fans embrace it all, and more open to experiment with electronic genres across the spectrum.



Could you expand on why you added the silent disco, chill-out field and artist paint wall? 

PR: We added the Silent Disco tent as a third stage this year to feature our local and regional talent. We have a total of 60+ artists at Bass Camp this year, and having two DJ’s spin at once in the Silent Disco per set gives our fans exposure to a lot of difference talent at the turn of the button. The Chill-Out field was added because each year Bass Camp has been presented on grass in Lake Tahoe. Since the Hard Rock Outdoor Arena didn’t have any, we opted to bring in about 10,000 square-feet of brand new lush sod with shade structures so fans can stretch out and enjoy one of nature wonders whilst listening to their favorite artist. The Art Wall is a fun interactive installation presented by a local artist group in Lake Tahoe. Anyone can enjoy painting on the wall, and expanding on the art that other have contributed to already. Paints and brushes are supplied for free. All are welcome to come paint.



What do you love most about the festival’s venue and why did you pick it in the first place?

PR: We consider the Bass Camp Festival venue to be all of Lake Tahoe. We think of the entire basin as our festival grounds. Attendees from all over the world come and experience Lake Tahoe and all it’s wonders throughout the weekend, from hiking, biking, boating, jet skiing, horseback riding, to climbing waterfalls, and best of all camping in the many campgrounds surrounding the lake. Our stages have moved over the years to different parts of the lake, but fans come year after year to take in all the amenities of the Sierras and make their own “camp” experience around the music.

As for the Hard Rock, the proximity to the lake (1 block away), and having all the wonderful hotel amenities right there at your fingertips makes this festival experience convenient, safe, and fun. Everything is walking distance, and easily accessible.



Most people don’t think of a festival as more than a field of ravers and a massive stage, but there’s a lot more that goes into it — what roadblocks did you overcome in putting on Bass Camp that the casual attendee wouldn’t suspect?

PR: The biggest obstacle we had to overcome was gaining the confidence of the Lake Tahoe locals and government officials and prove that this Electronic Music festival would be different than just a “rave” party. We had to show them the happy smiles of our fans, and share pictures, videos, social media comments, and more to get them to trust that the fans that were coming to Lake Tahoe for this music were part of a wonder culture that cared about the music, the production, and more importantly the surroundings, Lake Tahoe is a very special place and one of the most beautiful places in the world. To hold an Electronic Music event here in the summer is a privilege, and one we don’t take for granted. We are very lucky to call Lake Tahoe our home and to present this type of festival year after year.

Learn more at Bass Campfest website.

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