Foodie Handbook: @BrunchBoys’ Guide To NYC’s 5 Best Brunch Spots

My name is Jeremy Jacobowitz and I run the Instagram account @BrunchBoys! I love sharing my passion for all things food through my pictures, videos, events, and with you all here as I present some of my favorite NYC Brunch spots!


1. Bedford and Co

Bedford and Co, which just opened this year, truly blew me away with everything I tasted, and I tasted A LOT (perks of being a brunch boy). They might have had the most perfect pancakes I have ever had.

What to Order: Pancakes and Mac N Cheese


2. 2nd City

This may be the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever tasted. With three types of meat, cheese, potatoes, and eggs, this is the hangover cure mankind has been searching centuries for! Get there early, since it’s only served on the weekends and there is usually a line.

What to Order: The Plan B-Rito with longanisa, egg, cheese, ham, hash browns, bacon, and salsa


3. Quality Eats

Quality Eats has become one of my favorite restaurants in NYC, all thanks to their fun and unique spins on some classic dishes.

What to Order: Patty Melt and Grilled Bacon with homemade Peanut Butter and a Jalapeno Jelly


4. Rider

Recently opened in Williamsburg, Rider blew me away, not only by how unique the menu is, but how chill and beautiful the space inside is.  It just had the right vibes going on as soon as I sat down. Then the food came out and I couldn’t have been happier!  Cheeseburgers, Lox Fries and a GIANT Breakfast burrito!  It’s a must try!

What to Order: Lox Fries, Cheeseburger


  5. Jacobs Pickles

Jacobs Pickles has been a brunch mainstay for a while, but it saddens me to say that I only just recently went there for the first time. Why did I put this off for so long? Every dish is bigger and badder than the next. It’s truly an epic brunch experience is in store for you here!

What to Order: Buffalo Chicken Mac N Cheese, Chicken and Pancakes



If you don’t want to go out for brunch, how about making it at home? What about a Deep Fried Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich? I made one on my show “Can You Fry It?” and it was INSANE.

Or how about Waffles that aren’t Waffles, on my show @WaFULLed?

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