Food For The Soul: Spoon-Feeding You ‘Hot Thoughts’ By Spoon

Indie-rock foursome Spoon released their ninth album “Hot Thoughts” on March 17, sticking true to their embraced roots which have gained them critical acclaim while still showcasing a refreshing electronic twist in sound.

As a band, Spoon has been classified as an indie/rock/alternative band who never “tries too hard” to be something it’s not or pushes the envelope in a way that is too jarring for its fans.

Spoon exists in a strange entity of the music spectrum — as a band that never, and most likely will never, reach true “stardom” in a global fanbase manner, yet they still receive massive acclaim and praise within their field. Popular hits of the past include “The Way We Get By”(Kill the Moonlight 2002), “The Underdog” (Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga 2007) and “Do You” (They Want My Soul 2014). But with its latest release, “Hot Thoughts” it is clear the solidified group is wedged between the old and the new, making it an interesting time for Spoon.

“Hot Thoughts” revels in what Spoon does best: creating catchy, upbeat, indie tracks. On the contrary, however, this album also offers songs that dare to step into new sonic territory, specifically electronic sounds and beats, allowing the group to dive into new music possibilities. This weird mashup of sounds, beats, heavy drums, edgy guitar lines, and frontman Britt Daniel’s moody yet engaging vocals works quite well for Spoon. Here are some stand out tracks to check out from the album:

1. Hot Thoughts

The opening title track off the album swings the doors open to the interesting sound experience that lies ahead. With catchy guitar rhythms, buzzing vocals and enticing lyrics:

“Hot thoughts all in my mind and all of the time, yeah
I tell it to you slow when I want you to know
Hot thoughts all in, all in my mind all of the time”


2. Can I Sit Next to You

This song begs to be a hit, and rightfully so. It is the perfect reflection of upbeat, raspy, infectious indie-pop rock.


3. I Ain’t the One

A dark ballad that is newly unique to Spoon’s sound. The electric guitar is triggering in the beginning of the track, only to signal the bold, drum pattern later on. This song has a way of lingering in your memory long after your first listen.


4. Do I Have to Talk You Into It

If you’re looking for the classic, old-school Spoon sound…THIS is the track off “Hot Thoughts” for you.


5. Pink Up

This song proves to be eerie, disoriented and questionable, making it one of the most obvious shifts in Spoon’s new sound direction. Mumbled lyrics read:

“If you leave us for later
Break off from everyday
Spend a week in the moment
Take the train to Marrakesh
Just when you would change your focus
We get our own ideas
Go cut down some things you wouldn’t
Hope you don’t end up alone
Everything you think are we are
We’re come to mesmerize
Everything you fear we are we will be
The time is gonna come
The time is gonna come
We got our own ideas”


6. Us

The album concludes with “Us” which is its most grandiose track on “Hot Thoughts.” Interesting new instruments are used, such as bells and the saxophone. The lack of vocals on this final song leave you wanting more from Spoon…craving to hear more of this ambiguous, trance-like wave of sounds they offer as they close out their ninth album.