Flow So Hard: 8 Types Of Yoga Classes Beginner Yogis Should Know

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If you’re reading this you probably:

  1. Are a guy that doesn’t really have anyone to ask about yoga
  2. Are a guy that is attempting to pick up new girls at yoga
  3. Are a girl that just has not had one of her friends drag her to a class yet


There are a bajillion different kinds of yoga classes offered but here are the most common, and what to expect from them, when you walk into the studio. ALSO — studio etiquette — ALWAYS TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF WHEN YOU ENTER THE STUDIO DOORS.

1. Basic yoga AKA Level 1 AKA beginner’s yoga

You’re probably not the only person whose first time it is, so don’t be nervous. A very slow class – don’t expect to sweat unless the room is heated. Don’t expect to feel the “yoga high” that everyone talks about either; you may feel very relaxed because you’re not used to spending 60 to 90 minutes removing the chatter from your brain, but this generally will NOT be a difficult workout.

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2. Hatha yoga AKA hatha flow

It’s generally a good, all-level class. “Hatha” literally just means physical effort. By definition, almost all yoga classes are considered hatha because they’re physical, but when a class is actually described as a hatha flow, it’s generally because it’s just an “A” on all levels, mid-strenuous class with adjustments for all levels, beginners to advanced. Sometimes you’ll sweat, sometimes you won’t – it really does depend on the teacher. Sometimes classes will be labeled Hatha level 1 and Hatha level 2 – expect to sweat in level 2, but not 1.


3. Ashtanga yoga

The yoga you have to be basically certified in; this is super serious and follows an exact set of postures – just a suggestion, don’t go here your first time – you’ll just get annoyed and frustrated.

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4. Iyengar yoga

This yoga was founded by a person named Iyengar who believed that yoga was for EVERYONE – it’s known for its use of PROPS to make ANY posture possible for ANYONE – this yoga is GREAT for beginners, people with injuries, and wanting to take it slow. Don’t expect to sweat.


5. Restorative yoga

Usually more of a mix between basic and meditation, this yoga is super relaxing, but not the greatest if you’re not into the whole chanting “ohm” and hearing sound bowls/chiming during class. If you’re into it though, it’s great. Also known for its use of props to adjust the body for perfect alignment and flow of breath.



6. Bikram yoga

Think of this as the crossfit of yoga. It’s a series of exact postures basically barked at you, in heated room, and it’s the same sequence every time. Not really relaxing in my opinion, but some people love it. It’s good in one sense because you know what to expect every single time.


7. Vinyasa yoga

This one is the one you’ll sweat in, especially if it’s labeled “vinayasa power” or anything above “vinyasa level 1” – this is the yoga that your fit girlfriend and the MILFs take, so this, MEN, is where you’re gonna pick up the ladies. This yoga generally has a flow, and it’s where most people get their yoga high. Expect to sweat, and don’t worry if you can’t do all the poses. This, like hatha yoga, is generally open to all.

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8. Power yoga

Don’t do this until you’ve taken at least one or two regular yoga classes. Power yoga classes tend to have at least 1 to 2 inversions (headstands and handstands), more advanced postures, and move a lot faster. If you’re already super athletic and into calisthenics or something, then you’re fine – but if it it’s your first attempt at any of this, try a beginner, hatha, or vinyasa class first.

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