Fling To Real Thing: Why Americans & Canadians Are Moving Abroad For Love

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Maybe summer flings are meant to be a real thing, especially for Americans and Canadians traveling abroad. The worldwide dating app happn and the language-learning platform Duolingo teamed up in June 2017 on a joint survey of over 700 Americans and Canadians about their summer lovin’ prospects. The results not only found that both groups would welcome a summer fling abroad, but that 72 percent of Americans and 60 percent of Canadians are also interested in moving overseas for love, making sure their fling can become the real thing.

Love is heating up the summer with the top four findings from the survey below:

Hablas ingles? Bilingual is best

Time to remember some of your high school Spanish, since 72 percent of Americans and 76 percent of Canadians agree that people who speak multiple languages are more attractive than those who are monolingual.

The study also showed 56 percent of Americans and 61 percent of Canadians would choose to go on a date with someone who can sweet talk them in two languages. The bilingual appeal also means you’re more aware of the world at large, which both groups agree on.


There are no barriers to love

Just because somebody doesn’t understand a word you are saying doesn’t mean that love can’t be found. Hand gestures and facial cues are more universal than you think. More than half of Americans and Canadians said they would be open to dating someone who doesn’t speak their language. Men are even more open to this than the ladies, with 71 percent of American men and 66 percent of Canadian men saying they have no issues trying it out.


Talk with an accent

Who doesn’t love a sexy accent that can make even someone you’re not attracted to seem a bit more interesting? The British were voted the sexiest accent. Only about a quarter of people surveyed found an American or Canadian accent attractive.

Spanish ranked at numero dos with Canadian women, while French bonjoured its way to second for American women and men, as well as Canadian men. Other top accents included Italian, Irish, Scottish, American, Australian, and Latin American.


Just the Right Summer Date Vibes

Laying on a beach in Laguna, California” is an ideal summer spot for 35 percet of Americans, probably because of the past MTV show, while about the same number of Canadians chose grabbing “a bite to eat at a cafe in Old Montreal, Canada.”

For American men, 26 percent of them said they would “enjoy a walk on the streets of New York City,” which I’d hope would be the High Line at sunset. Among Canadian women 38 percent said their dream summer vacation date would be “a hike at Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada.”

It looks like it’s time to break that summertime sadness with a summer trip abroad, where you can use your sexy American accent to the fullest. Learn the language of the land via Duolingo as your scour happn to get your true summer vibe on.


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