First Child To Receive A Double Hand Transplant Taught Everyone This Valuable Lesson

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The Jistt:

  • 8-year-old Zion Harvey’s dream came true when he received a double hand transplant, the first child ever to receive one.
  • Reason why he said he wanted hands–to swing from monkey bars (awe!)
  • Zion’s story goes beyond the historic transplant. His positivity throughout the process won people’s hearts. Check out some things he said below.




Zion Harvey, an 8-year-old from Baltimore, was the first child in the world to receive a double hand transplant. When he was 2 years old, he had a life threatening illness called sepsis where he needed to have his hands and feet amputated. At such a young age, Zion never realized just how important his hands and feet were for everyday necessities and activities.

This wasn’t an overnight decision. Zion was under evaluation and tests for 18 months to determine whether or not he was fit for the surgery, according to CNN. Zion was able to adapt to life without his hands and do everyday tasks before surgery, but now that he has a brand new set of hands, and a fresh start.

As much as this story is touching, it is Zion’s positivity that captured everyone’s hearts. There was no fear in this little boy, even with the immense amount of failure that could have happened during this procedure, which took 11 hours and over 40 people to help make it happen, CNN reported.

Here are some heart-warming quotes from Zion. Grab some tissues, you’re going to need it:

Addressing bullying: “Somebody says something to me, and I just figure it slipped out and they didn’t mean to say it. Everybody has their own way of thinking.”

Before his surgery: “When I get these hands, I will be proud of what hands I get.”

After the surgery was successfully completed, Zion said, stated by TIME Magazine, that he can’t wait to hold his little sister: “My favorite thing [will be to] wait for her to run into my hands as I pick her up and spin her around.”

Just addressing life in general: “I just want to say this: Never give up on your dreams. It will come true.”

This is all coming from an 8-year-old boy! Putting ourselves in Zion’s shoes, it’s hard to comprehend how we’d feel and the emotional rollercoaster that we would endure. We all can learn a lot from Zion’s positivity and give thanks for the little things in life.

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