Find Out What Cocktail Fits You Best According To Your Horoscope

Chris Ambroselli
Hailing from the supremely Midwestern town of Kalamazoo, Chris brings his sense of adventure to the flannel-clad streets of Brooklyn as he navigates the apex of his quarter life crisis. His parents once said that "brunch aficionado" and "cocktail enthusiast" aren't actually real hobbies, so he made it his career. While he isn't wining and dining the startup scene with Hooch ( or scouring the internet for trashy GIF's to use in his articles, Chris can most likely be found waiting for the ever-elusive G-Train.

Starting any conversation with “Can I buy you a drink?” or “What’s your sign?” would typically imply an alarmingly contrived pick-up attempt.

While these tried and true classic maneuvers certainly have their place at the bar, 20some and our friends at Hooch — the first ever members-only cocktail app that always buys the first round — simply want to take this notion and run with it, as we invite you to drink your way through the Zodiac!

With membership to this private cocktail society, all of the following (and more) are in your stars (for $9.99/month dues) when Hooch buys you up to 31 drinks a month!


The unquestionable warrior of the Zodiac, your outspoken and boldly assertive personality requires an equally spicy cocktail to go head-to-head: Look to SoHo’s Adoro Lei and meet your match as Hooch unites you with your soul mate.

Drink of choice: Fire Been Brought

House-infused jalapeño tequila puts the heat on the classically sexy martini, finished with a molten rim that complements the fire you bring to every facet of your life.


Classy as you are sociable, what better place to tow the line between taking a risk while sticking to what you know best than at the happenin’ Lower East Side tri-level hotspot, Los Feliz to sip on.

Drink of choice: Oaxaca Mule

A delightful update to the crowd-pleasing bar classic, the Moscow Mule. This tart and smoky tequila-and-mezcal-based cocktail (in lieu of vodka), with a pleasantly alarming pop of freshly muddled grapefruit with ginger beer, is a decadent, fashionable choice for any Taurus looking for a taste of adventure.


Wise and intellectually stimulating — your cool, calm, and curious demeanor makes you a versatile and humble conversationalist. Head to Williamsburg’s earthy and robust family-style eatery Cow & Clover to see what the stars have in store for your taste buds.

Drink of choice: Jolie

Adaptable in personality and well-balanced, while stimulating the senses with a flavor profile that is certainly out of the ordinary, the Jolie’s smooth combination of whiskey and mezcal impart a buzz-worthy oakiness, which is balanced by delicately sweet agave and grapefruit bitters that will give you plenty to talk about.

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You are the caretaker of your friends and family, Cancer. Notions of comfort and making memories with loved ones foregrounds the reasoning behind the majority of your actions. Unwind with a libation from the perfectly spacious gathering spot, Grey Lady, that will lift your spirits (pun intended).

Drink of choice: Blueberry Lemonade

Sure to evoke the nostalgia craved by Cancers alike, this adult spin on a childhood classic — updated with premium vodka and a hint of berry — will refresh you before the holidays.


Always down to party, your contagious energy and vivacious spirit tend to make you the center of attention (and you’re probably fine with that too, Leo).  If your love for the limelight and flare for the dramatic bring you also to Adoro Lei with an Aries, an affair of the heart awaits with…

Drink of choice: My Frenzy

As the name implies, this bold and bubbly collision of sweet berries, gin and a luscious citrus bite is sure to cause a stir. You won’t mind that it’s topped with a healthy dose of Prosecco, either. Go ahead, use the flash for your Instagram. You know your followers want it.


Crisp, refined, and vibrant — Virgo’s mind, body and soul resonate with clarity. Speaking of clean, the often health-conscious side of you will be pleased with the refreshing, organic mixology offerings from the intimate lounge/social club, Visana.

Drink of choice: Viva Verde

Crisply acidic, but with a boldly zesty bite of ginger; balanced sweetness and herbaceous notes from Visana’s house-made kale-apple puree make this an organic and pure nod to the Virgo’s ethos.


Effortlessly balanced, fair, and refined, you achieve a delicate stability by allowing your strengths to complement one another. Find the perfect match for a cocktail that attains equilibrium of sweetness with a bite at the perfect setting: NoHo’s Von, whose intimate wine bar upstairs and raging basement create a duality just meant for a Libra.

Drink of choice: French 75

Delicate bubbles with fresh lemon and gin brighten up this classy updated spritzer. Perfect for a classy dinner or for beckoning the dawn after dancing the night away, the French 75 is an easy choice for the Libra.


With a ferocity and passion that permeates every aspect of your life Scorpio, you may feel as though you are constantly looking for forces that rival your sheer power. Grab a Gemini and head to Cow & Clover.

Drink of choice: Powder Keg

You may have finally met your match, Scorpio. Combative, sexy, and hard-hitting flavors abound in this beer cocktail with an explosive temper. A robust Autumnal libation of the most refined calibre, the IPA-float adds a finishing touch for a sting that not even a Scorpio can ignore.


The wanderlust-stricken spirit of the Zodiac, your fun-loving soul and effervescent nature are sure to be reflected by Pergola’s Mediterranean-inspired Hookah-lounge and bistro inhabiting a meticulously redesigned greenhouse in Manhattan’s historic Flower-District. Let the travel-bug bite without leaving Manhattan, and head to Pergola for a truly transformative experience.

Drink of choice: Bangkok Banger

Appropriately named, its exotic lemongrass, basil, and grapefruit infusion melds perfectly with Bombay Sapphire gin for a unique, exotic flavor profile that — coupled with Pergola’s must-see-to-believe atmosphere — will provide an excellent reprieve if you’re feeling trapped indoors as winter looms nearer.


The lover of the classics and keeper of the heralded traditions held near-and-dear to the heart, your silky smooth disposition and work ethic may be leaving you feeling a bit weary as the year draws to a close, Capricorn. Stop by the Grey Lady and level out with a cocktail that is sure to restore balance.

Drink of choice: Whiskey Diablo

Bourbon, aromatic Chambord, lime juice, and ginger ale combine for an ambitious, silky, and decadent palate that Capricorn’s alike will revere (especially after a long day). The refined bourbon is punctuated by notes of cognac, raspberry, and Madagascar Vanilla. It’s time to make this a weekly tradition.


Eccentric and offbeat, you continue to carve your own individual identity and share the knowledge you gather along the way with those you encounter. Speaking of offbeat, Santos Anne, the Williamsburg-based cantina with jazz influence and French flare, is the perfect place to appease your social and intellectual personas.

Drink of choice: Santos Anne

The venue’s namesake — this whimsical cocktail is as eclectic as they get. With Tequila, Mezcal, St. Germain, and a Rosewater Rinse and a bite of salt to finish on the lip, wood-aged smokiness and sweet floral tones create a smooth and calming vibe that any Aquarius will appreciate.

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Ruled by the water sign, the cool, creative, and compassionate understands that collaboration is key. As far as refreshing goes, look no further than Adoro Lei once more.

Drink of choice: All Night Affair

A true peacemaker and team-player, the All Night Affair’s whimsical flavor profile delivers crisp Prosecco and luscious pear-lemon nectar that make well…the perfect pair (pun intended, again) for a Pisces.

If you’ve ever been disappointed when your horoscope falls wildly short of fulfilling its promises, download Hooch for Android and iOS and let this — and the stars — be your guide.

Hopefully along the way, you find the perfect response (and cocktail) when someone offers to buy you a drink and asks about your sign.

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