Fiber 101: Why You Need It In Your Daily Diet

Alain Saint-Dic
Alain Saint-Dic, Health and Fitness Editor at 20something, brings over nine years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Though he studied pre-law, his love for the human body, it's adaptive ability and unlocking the largely untapped potential of human beings led him to pursue a passionate career in health, fitness, and athletics.

I’m aware that, unless it has something to do with transmitting high speed data, us millennials probably don’t care much about fiber. It’s ingested, it can make or break your shit (literally constipate you or give you diarrhea), and most of us don’t get enough of it. Fiber also happens to be a mundane word and probably reminds you of eating dry pieces of cardboard. Not exciting right? However, it’s one of the most essential parts of your diet. It can speed up your health and fitness goals and it isn’t always edible cardboard. I’m about to tell you all about fiber, because I care about your 20something health habits.

What is fiber?

Fiber, aside from being Google’s pet project to change the world (again!), is actually a carbohydrate. It’s not the standard kind that gets broken down into sugar molecules, but a kind that your body can’t digest. There are two types of fibers: insoluble, which doesn’t dissolve in water and aids in a number of essential processes in your body, and soluble, which dissolve in water and aids with cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.

Do I need it?

YES!!! Remember the Cheerios commercial that showed that a certain amount of bowls would help cut cholesterol levels and promote a healthy heart? Those are hefty claims for a cereal, but Cheerios does boost three grams of fiber per serving, which makes up approximately 10 percent of the recommended dietary intake for adults (30 grams if my math is right). In addition, fiber also helps reduce the risk diabetes and constipation.


Where can I get this super stuff?

You can easily find fiber in your daily servings of veggies, fruits, whole grains and nuts. So we’re talking apples, bananas, broccoli, carrots, whole wheat bread and brown rice. As you may know by now, these foods also make you feel fuller faster (because fiber isn’t broken down) so they should be a staple in your dietary habits towards your health and fitness goals.

If you’re serious about your heart health, your blood sugar, dietary tract and meal balance, please make sure you’re getting at least 30 grams of fiber in your diet per day. Small details lead to big results.