Feng Shui-vy: How To Balance Out Your Inner Psyche Using Music

Mark Wolf
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Pho-get about kawaii bubble tea gramshots, there’s a deeper way to show the world how in touch you are with eastern culture: embody the harmonious balance that feng shui brings into people’s homes.


According to the Bagua, feng shui’s energetic compass, each of life’s eight major areas lives in different cardinal directions of your living space and have a corresponding element that increases its presence.


The finesse of feng shui is in balancing the “chi,” or life energy, in your living space so it doesn’t get stuck or move too rapidly. Objects like bamboo, wind chimes, and fountains are used to represent their corresponding elements such as earth, wind and fire. And which of these tools balances the most chi by representing their corresponding element?

Trick question you green ass grasshopper, it’s music.


So how do we feng shui ourselves? A balanced home is nice, but what about a balanced me? As much as our living space affects us, we affect our living space more. Placing a balanced person in a chaotic living space creates a balanced living space sooner than it creates a chaotic person — word to my cleaning lady, she’s a shining star. You thought I was gonna let that Earth, Wind and Fire reference go un-punned?


Any who, by balancing the root of imbalance, the body and psyche, we stand a better chance to stabilizing the world. And since we’re all 20something and have balanced bodies, all we have to balance our psyches.


While I’m not a feng shui consultant, don’t play one on the internet, and can’t balance the forces of chi in a living space, I know the feeling of personal balance and imbalance. In searching for a tool to bring myself into literal harmony, music has the unanimous winner.
Every record carries a representation of the five elements that allows it to increase the presence of whichever area of life we want to bring into balance.

So with vocals as our fire, melody as our water, percussion as our metal, atmospheric FX as our earth and chords as our wood, here are three songs for each area of life:



For Fire (Fame & Reputation)

Migos – Fight Nice

“If you know me, notice that my Feng Shui certified everywhere, don’t gotta print my resume.”


The Weeknd – Tell Your Friends

Give ‘em something to gossip about.


5 Seconds of Summer – Girls Talk Boys



For Earth (Relationships & Love)

Snakehips & Zayn – Cruel

The world is cruel but you can find solace in love with the right person.


Roy Woods – Down Girl

“I need a girl to make all this shit easy.” PREACH, ROY!



There’s a give-and-take, even certified stars like PND need to make the trip sometimes.


For Marsh (Creativity & Parenthood)

Future – Rich $ex

Kids are expensive.


Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom

The only motivation I need for becoming the DILF King I was born to be is the thought of Stacy’s Mom, she wouldn’t settle for any run-of-the-mill DILF, she needs a DILF King.


Zhu – GenerationWhy

Yup, that’s us.


For Heaven (Friendship & Travel)

Wiz Khalifa – This Plane

Ah, Classic Wiz. Skip class to get stoned in the park Wiz. Hotbox the garage until it becomes a sauna Wiz. Hotbox the karaoke bar until the owner has to come inside and hit one of the twelve blunts in rotation Wiz. #Jetlife


Louis The Child & Icona Pop – Weekend

“Treating weekdays like the weekend.”


Carolina Liar – California Bound

Cali is the mission.


For Water (Career & Life Purpose)

Alunageorge – I’m in control

Have you ever look yourself in the mirror like

Well, in case you’re normal – cut that shit out, it’s not a good look. You’re the captain now.


Club Cheval – Discipline

“Livin’ for the moment, me and all my soldiers.”


Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills

Beyoncé don’t want no scrub.


For Mountain (Knowledge & Wisdom)

Hailee Steinfeld – Starving

We don’t know what we don’t know, in this song Hailee isn’t turned on as much as she’s turned from a sweet gazelle to a ferocious tigress when she “tastes” her boy. You don’t know what you’ve got until you actually have it.


Justice – ON’N’ON

The video says it all.


Tinie Tempah – Girls Like

“Nothing worth knowing can be taught” -Oscar Wilde.


For Thunder (Personal Past & Foundation)

A$AP Ferg – New Level



Cassie – Long Way 2 Go

At least we’ve come a long way too.


Maty Noyes – In My Mind

Maty feels judged in this song for her past flings, when we’ve all had some hiccups on the burp to success.


For Wind (Abundance & Wealth)

Young Thug – Digits

The anthem.


The Notorious B.I.G – Mo Money Mo Problems


The 1975 – M.O.N.E.Y.

“Has he got enough money to spend?”


From now on, whenever you go to listen to music — ask yourself which area of life you’re bringing into balance, and if this particular song is helping you do that.