Feminot vs. Feminist: 5 Times Taylor Swift Didn’t Promote Girl Power

By Mahogany Bullock and Talia Aroshas

As defined by Merriam Webster, feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights. As defined by Taylor Swift, it is the belief that the world should revolve around her, and should anyone disagree, they need be verbally berated via social media. Synonyms of the Swiftian take on the term include the words “hypocrite” and “fraud.”

In the past few years, thanks to brave, brilliant  and vocal celebs such as Emma WatsonAmy Schumer and Demi Lovato, feminism has garnered a lot of media attention and sparked a long overdue dialogue on gender equality that resulted in the rise of a somewhat modernized feminism movement.

But, as you might have guessed by the title and opening paragraph of this article, there is one celeb that time and time again, totally misses the mark on what it means to be a feminist.

That, of course, is Miss Swift.

Because for her, being coined a “feminist” is only important when it means saving her reputation and defending her honor. It means sitting pretty, being “sweet,” and certifiably terrified to get your hands dirty on behalf of a controversial issue for fear of dirtying your picture perfect reputation.

Nobody here is trying to take her talent away from her. The girl is an excellent songwriter who deserves (much to our chagrin) every award and accolade she has ever received. She also has an incredibly personal and loving connection to her fans. But then again, LOL of course she loves being around people who are obsessed with her. Because she’s obsessed with herself.

Anyway, (enter brilliant segue here) these are five times that Taylor Swift has proven she has no idea what being a feminist is.


Taylor vs Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Let’s start at the top, shall we? The defining moment when Taylor Swift proved to the world that she was not only the world’s biggest hypocrite, but also entirely self-obsessed and uptight, was at the 2013 Golden Globes.

It goes like this: While hosting the award show, the comedians took a harmless jab at Taylor, telling her to stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son. Tina and Amy, of course, were only doing their jobs, and Taylor was one of MANY celeb victims made fun of for the sake of comedy that night; but since the joke clashed with her own personal definition of the word feminism (see opening paragraph if you’ve forgotten), she felt the need to vocalize her disdain in an interview with “Vanity Fair” when asked about the matter.

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.”

Like, are you serious, Taylor? Really? In case you didn’t notice, they also made a lot of jokes about men that night.

Not only was it incredibly ignorant for her to imply that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler don’t support other women (Honestly Tay, what they’ve done for women in comedy is far more than anything you have done for women in music. Sit down.) But also, the hypocrisy within the statement is just baffling. Basically, Taylor can bash all her exes in song, and that’s okay because it is for the sake of art (And don’t you dare say anything bad about her doing so because that makes you anti-feminist!), but Tina and Amy can’t use Taylor’s very public romance fails and joke about it for the sake of art because she’s a woman.

Sooooooooo……..they should only make jokes about men? That seems like inequality, Tay Tay.

Luckily, and because she knows how to have a sense of humor, Tina got the last laugh. 


Taylor vs Nicki

During award season, rapper Nicki Minaj was a bit upset about her infamous “Anaconda” video not being nominated for video of the year. While we enjoy watching big booties shake in the middle of the jungle as much as anybody, Video of the Year is a stretch. Nicki’s rant about lack of representation at the VMAs and countless other award shows was, however, entirely warranted.

Anyway, as Nicki let loose on Twitter, it was clear that she was upset about her video as well as being overlooked because of her race. Somehow, for some extremely odd reason, Taylor Swift felt attacked. After looking back at the tweets and genuinely trying to understand how she misplaced Nicki’s anger so much that she focused it on herself, we’ve come up with nothing. Well, it’s clear that she has issues with vanity but this was just outrageous.

She then accused Nicki of pitting women against each other. Which is very odd, not only because she was completely incorrect, but because she was at the forefront of an entire feud with Katy Perry. She even wrote an entire song and paired it with a star-studded music video. If anybody has pitted women against each other, it’s definitely Taylor Swift.


Taylor vs Kesha

“Tik Tok” singer has not been waking up feeling like P. Diddy as of late. (Sorry was that insensitive?) Anyway, the pop star has recently been caught up in a bit of legal drama that is far too detailed for a quick summary. However, many artists have rallied in an effort to publicly support the singer.

As feminists nationwide boldly stood behind Kesha, many (and by “many” we mean Demi Lovato) wondered where the biggest self-proclaimed feminist was when they needed her most. After a not-so-subtle subtweet from Demi questioning Taylor’s whereabouts, Swift decided to prove to the world that she actually cared about women’s right by donating a whopping $250,000 to the cause, with a statement issued by her publicist. Honestly, I’m surprised the statement didn’t end with “told you I’m a feminist.”

My opinion is pretty evident, Taylor was backed into a corner before giving Kesha that pocket change. To T. Swift, $250,000 is nothing and we’re convinced she doesn’t even know why she donated that money.


Taylor vs #SquadGoals

For a few years now, Taylor has been carting around millennial celebrities and parading them as her “squad.” The group has about as much diversity as an Abercrombie store during back-to-school season. Her group of friends is incredibly one-sided, as it is made up of young, slim, white girls who are successful in some aspect of the entertainment industry.


It’s borderline obnoxious how her friends are merely there for show and for the promotion of her own brand. She claims to care deeply about feminism, and this is her idea of being a feminist. Needless to say, she has misinterpreted the entire concept.


Taylor vs Spotify

So, okay, this has nothing to do with feminism, but it deserves a place on this list because it is a shining star example of how transparent Taylor, and her motives, are.

Last year, just as her album “1989” was being released, Taylor, very publicly, decided not only to withhold the album from Spotify, but also pull her entire discography from the streaming site. The former country crooner then went on about how she was doing it for the smaller artists and the song writers who get shorted money when people don’t buy albums.

If that’s the case, why did she wait till just before the release of her album? Why not pull it before?

Because last time she released an album, streaming wasn’t as much of a thing. She knew that in order to top more charts and break more records, she had to virtually force fans to BUY her album. She even took it one step further by not even making the deluxe version available on iTunes…people actually had to buy it in a store.

The mother Teresa thing was just a PR tactic conceived by her and her team in order to solidify her role as America’s Sweetheart and the chaste and honorable leader of the pop music world. Sooooooo transparent. She may be hot-headed but she can’t be so full of herself as to think that if she pulls her music off Spotify the streaming world will come to a halt. Like, please.

Or maybe she is that hot-headed because remember the opening line of her most recent Grammy acceptance speech? Ew.

Hopefully one day, the 2010 version of Taylor Swift makes a come back. The sweet one who seemed genuinely humbled to be where she was. The one who didn’t march around with a very unattainable posse of friends intimidating enough to make any adolescent feel insecure. The one who wore darling little white dresses and ringlets in her hair. The one who didn’t insinuate that she is the greatest musician ever when she got up to accept a speech. The one who wasn’t so easily hateable.

Until then, we’ll just pretend it’s someone else singing every time we blast her songs and dance around like nobody is watching.

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