Fashionable Denim Alternatives To Your Skinny Jeans

Jessica Garland-Blake
Jessica is currently a student at London College of Fashion on the Fashion Contour course. Having previously studied pattern making in Dublin, where she is originally from. She started a blog called after receiving a lot of attention on her Instagram. This year she is interning and focusing on her blog.

Tired of looking like this when you’re trying to get your super tight skinny jeans on?


Don’t fret. Here are some classy, fashionable skinny jean alternatives that won’t make you do that unavoidable shimmy into tight pants.


Moto Bleach Mom Jeans — $70

Mom jeans? Oh hellllllll no, or so I thought. I first tried on these ‘mom’ jeans at Topshop and they looked atrocious. They look so good on other people (non-models included), so why weren’t they working for me?Baggy in the butt, loose in the legs—who wants that?

After mulling it over in my head 100 times, I went back to give it another go, but this time I tried something different. I went up one size and bam. I finally looked like I could embrace the style. If you’re like me and wear jeans to work, you know that skinny jeans are damn hot in the summer. A baggier fit is a great option for when you just don’t feel like squeezing into denim.



Moto Loose Fit Boyfriend Jeans — $75

I’m not a huge fan of this type of cut for my body specifically, but if you pair them with a cute tee and accessorize well, you won’t look like you stumbled into your hubby’s closet to get dressed this morning.



Moto Pale Blue Binx Jeans — $75

High-rise gimme. These slimming jeans hug the hips and kiss the waist cutting off right above the ankle. Pair these with a crop top and a cardigan for an effortlessly chic look.



Victoria Beckham’s Women’s Flare Mid Rise Jeans — $107.21

This picture doesn’t do these jeans justice. The Victoria Beckham denim flares are the most flattering jeans I currently own. I was hesitant to buy a pair of VB anything, but once I threw on some colorful heels, I instantly fell in love. Be careful though—the flare is wider than it seems!




ASOS High Waist Wide Leg Jeans — $47.47

Do you love or hate them? High rise, check. Button detail, check. Raw hem, check. Long zip on the back, check. I am patiently waiting for pay day to roll around to go out and get these ASAP. I would pair them with some Adidas Stan’s or a pair of sliders and a sleeveless polo neck top. Click here to watch ‘the catwalk’ right on the Asos website.