Exclusive Interview: A Day In The Life Of Phoenix Suns Guard, Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight, 24-year-old guard for the Phoenix Suns, is a thoughtful son, brother, teammate and friend who has much more going on than just this NBA season. Like all of us, he’s a 20something trying to navigate a variable stage of life…while also being publicly displayed on national television on a regular basis. Ya know, casual.

Brandon is known to come off as the Mystery Man of the NBA. If you Google him right now, you’d get pages and pages of basketball talk, as it relates to middle school, high school, college, travel teams, skills clinics, and three different professional organizations. However, unlike most other NBA players, you’d have very little luck finding out anything about Brandon’s personal life.

The reason you can’t find much about BK’s private life, thoughts and beliefs is because, while being a professional athlete, he is still a quiet, down to earth and all-around good guy just doing what he loves.

To help us get to know Brandon a little bit better, we sat down with him for some rapid fire questions, including a few that came directly from his fans.

Below, Brandon shares some of his favorite things and answers your top Tweeted questions:


20: Favorite cologne?

BK: Gold by Jay Z.


20: Favorite snacks when you’re on the road?

BK: Tropical Fruit Snacks and Sour Patch Kids.


@Hudsonwife16: If you weren’t playing basketball what would you be doing?

BK: If I wasn’t playing basketball, I’d be working towards being either an architect, physical therapist, or trainer. Possibly even an accountant. 


20: Go-to beverage choice?

BK: Cookies n Cream Milkshake from Chick Fil A.


20: Favorite protein brands?

BK: Inner Armour and dotFIT.


@wildcat4life9: Your favorite moment playing at UK?

BK: My favorite moment at UK would be making the Final Four. To be able to achieve that accomplishment with my basketball family made the moment very special not just for myself, but for everyone else as well. 


20: Favorite pair of shoes?

BK: Adidas ZX Flux.


20: Favorite headphones brand?

BK: Matte Black Beats, but Apple headphones for taking phone calls.


@wendyjrobinson: What have been one or two of your favorite discoveries about the city of Phoenix?

BK: One of my favorite discoveries about the city of Phoenix would be LoLos Restaurant and, of course, the weather during the “winter.”


20: Favorite app?

BK: Clash of Clans.


20: Favorite artists?

BK: J. Cole and Drake.


20: Favorite trend?

BK: Rubber wristbands as motivational lifestyle reminders.


@SJZIP1: What inspires you to give back to the South Florida community?

BK: I give back to the South Florida community because it’s where I grew up. With South Florida being my home, I want to make sure I’m helping the community that helped me get to the point where I am today.


20: Favorite city to visit?

BK: It’s a tie between San Francisco and Los Angeles.


20: Favorite international country to visit?
BK: Spain.


@_iszyy: At what age did you know your future was going to be in the NBA?

BK: I wasn’t completely sure I’d have a future in the NBA until after my freshman year of college. But I had a feeling from freshman year of high school that I had a good chance of making it.


20: Favorite phrase?

BK: #TGBTG (To God Be the Glory)