Everything You Need To Know In The News This Week

If you think Obama’s been blamed for everything, wait until you hear what he’s taking the heat for now. Yeezy’s over 50 million dollars in debt, that Catholic guy met up with that Greek Orthodox guy, and Apple might be making it easier for the government to unlock your iPhone…and by government we may mean girlfriend.

Here’s everything you need to keep you informed in this week’s gist.

Controversy surrounds the death of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia:

  • At 79 years old, Scalia was pronounced dead on February 14th, 2016.
  • As one of the most controversial justices on the bench, Scalia was notably the most conservative — think matters like gay marriage.
  • Why is this such a big deal? Because it’s in the president’s job description to appoint Supreme Court justices, but since they are life-term positions, not every president gets a chance to appoint.
  • Republicans were basically banking on two things: 1) winning this next election and 2) no one dying until they won said election, so that they could appoint more justices who hold conservative views.
  • As sad as the death of Scalia is, it has become a national hot-mess. Some Republicans are trying to tell Obama to basically change the Constitution and let the next president fill the vacancy. Great try, guys.
  • Some Democrats are excited, because if Obama can get Congress to approve whomever he appoints it will add another liberal justice to the bench.
  • There are even some dramatic conspiracy theories floating around claiming that Obama had Scalia killed so he could appoint someone else… Someone call Michael Moore!



There were 28 fatalities in a Turkey car bombing Wednesday: 

  • This past Wednesday, a car bomb attack on a military convoy in Ankara, Turkey killed 28 people and left dozens injured.
  • The Turkish Prime Minister is blaming Syrian-based Kurds.
  • The Kurds have been fighting for independence from Turkey for years now, but this attack is one of several in a recent series of tragedies.
  • Salih Necer­ — who is reportedly linked to the People’s Protection Units (YPG) — is said to have carried out the attack.
  • The YPG is a Kurdish militia with US support, but now the Turkish Prime Minister is saying YPG’s link to Salih Necer is enough to prove it is a terrorist organization.
  • So far, the US has not commented on this allegation.


The South Carolina Primary is tomorrow and candidates’ dreams ’bout to be crushed:

  • What should we expect? Probably some tears from Jeb Bush, possibly an annoying winner’s speech from Trump, and a good chance that Hilary will have that crazy look in her eyes when she wins.
  • South Carolinians cares about the economy, immigration, and ISIS. And according to the polls, they think Trump and Clinton are the best peeps for the job.
  • But, the Pope just said Trump isn’t a real Christian (more on this below), so we may be looking at an upset at the polls. Or maybe not and we should just prep for the annoying speech. SMH:


The Pope burned Donald Trump in the holiest way:

  • While visiting Mexico on Wednesday, Pope Francis hinted that Donald Trump is not a Christian.
  • This is a big deal, because for many Republicans and/or Trump supporters, religion is an important consideration when casting their vote.
  • While Ted Cruz carries the most religious pull among the GOP candidates, Trump has also made his Christianity a running point for his campaign.
  • “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” said Pope Francis.

  • Hence why South Carolina’s predicted Trump victory could be affected by this. Big move, Francis, big move.


Pope Francis also met with the head of the Greek Orthodox Church:

  • Pope Francis is having a big week. On Sunday, he met with the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew I– which hasn’t happened since the year 1054.
  • The Eastern Orthodox churches share similar beliefs to the Catholic Church, however the Great Schism over 1,000 years ago separated the two religions — until now.
  • Neither church wants to assimilate, but both would like to unify where practices are shared.
  • Considering all of the bloodshed around religion in recent years, the point of this meeting was to unify the front of Christianity in Muslim states and states with violent conflict.


Yeezy rapped about Taylor Swift, and Taylor Swift acceptance speech-ed Yeezy:

  • In Kanye West’s most recent album drop, he took credit for Taylor Swift’s fame and success and pondered having sex with her.
  • Ouch, Kanye.
  • Taylor Swift’s brother then instagrammed a video throwing out his Yeezy kicks.
Getting a head start on some spring cleaning. Here we go again.
  • Then Taylor Swift won the Best Album Grammy and her speech was very much directed at him. This feud gives me life, TBH.


And yet another Kanye headline, this time about finances

  • On February 15th, Kanye West tweeted a series of very financially-revealing statements.
  • However this is not a reflection of his music, but rather his fashion.
  • In light of a good pun, was the fashion risk worth it, Kanye?


The FBI is calling the shots when it comes to your iPhone’s next update:

  • Regarding the San Bernardino shootings, the FBI got a court order directing Apple to unlock one of the attacker’s phones.
  • “That seems completely reasonable,” you think.
  • Well, Apple’s current security policy prevents them from even possessing the technology to break into a locked iPhone.
  • So, this court order means they would need to invent an update that would allow Apple to break into any iPhone.
  • The problem is the entire concept. Skeptics are concerned about the impact on privacy and who will have access to this update. Not to mention whether a court can force a company to invent something.
  • Apple will most likely file an appeal, so stay tuned.