Everything You Need To Know In The News This Week

It’s been another hard week for the world. And for better or worse, we’re catching you up in this week’s gist. (jk we’re not married we just like the news)


Terror struck Nice, France during a Bastille Day celebration:

  • Thursday night, a truck drove through a crowd of people during a fireworks show on the beach of Nice, France during a Bastille Day celebration (France’s Independence day).
  • The driver, identified as Mohamad Lahouaiej Bouhel, a 31-year-old French-Tunisian, was driving the truck. It reportedly was full of firearms and grenades.
  • He plowed through the crowd, driving over 25 mph for more than a mile and killing at least 80 people and injuring dozens more.
  • French police eventually shot and killed the driver, who was also apparently firing his own weapon.
  • This comes at a scary time for the world, especially France.
  • The country already experienced two major terror attacks in less than two years and was already operating out of a state of emergency.
  • Hours before the deadly truck attack, the French president Hollande issued a statement saying the country would return to normal levels of security shortly.
  • However, he is now extending heightened security levels for an additional three months.


Everyone’s fav GOP Candidate Donald Trump announced his running mate:

  • Donald Trump officially confirmed via none other than Twitter that his partner-in-crime in the White House will be Indiana governor Mike Pence as his VP.

  • He was to originally officially announce at 11 a.m. Friday, however has postponed due to the attacks in Nice, France.
  • That delay was significant. Governor Pence had a noon deadline to withdraw from the governor’s race to allow Indiana Republican leaders to select a replacement candidate.
  • However, in an interview with Fox News Thursday night, Trump said he hadn’t made a “final, final decision.”
  • Well, guess he did…and then revealed this interesting campaign poster.
  • Hillary Clinton’s camp was prepared and posted this video about the Trump/Pence mashup.


British PM David Cameron is finally being accepted by Queen Elizabeth to head out:

  • British Prime Minister David Cameron and Brexit party leaders have all refused to step up to lead the country’s exit from the EU as prime minister.
  • But Home Secretary Theresa May stepped up to the plate on Wednesday. She’s the first female prime minister since England’s first ever, Margaret Thatcher.
  • May has remained opposed to Brexit, but made it clear that the split is still happening, and plans to appoint a mixed and balanced cabinet.
  • Confused about the Brexit? Just know — The Brits voted for the UK to leave the European Union, then majority of them wanted a revote, and then people were left in shambles.


Tom Brady is finally accepting his deflategate suspension:

  • Last year, the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady was accused cheating by deflating footballs in order to make them easier to throw and grip (in the game that sent them to the Super Bowl).
  • After an investigation, the NFL gave him a 4-game suspension.
  • And the NFL’s player union appealed on Brady’s behalf and it seemed like he will be joining his football bunch.
  • UNTIL the NFL appealed his appeal.
  • And finally, Wednesday, the court dismissed Brady’s appeal.
  • On Friday, Brady threw in the towel and said he won’t be taking it to the Supreme Court and is finally accepting the 4-game suspension.
  • It’s only a game, they said. It’ll be fun, or so they say.


There was an emergency evacuation in South Sudan:

  • The U.S. evacuated all non-emergency workers from South Sudan Tuesday after days of violence.
  • Why so violent? This week is South Sudan’s 5th birthday an independent state from Sudan. But the president and VP are from very different ethnic groups, causing major controversy and mass killings throughout the country.
  • Last year when the UN stepped in, both ethnic groups signed a peace treaty. But the violence continues to rear its ugly head.
  • Hundreds of lives have been lost already this year, so the US said peace out until there’s actually some solution to the chaos.
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Do You Guys Still Have Hamilton Tickets?

  • America’s sweetheart, Lin-Manuel Miranda (Creator and star of Broadway’s hit musical, Hamilton), took his finals bows as Hamilton this past weekend.

  • Don’t cry for too long. The star said he was ready to move on to the next big thing. His next big thing.
  • Here’s also some motivation to keep applying to the Hamilton ticket lottery — the person replacing him, Javier Munoz, already had Obama’s approval. Munoz has been taking over for Miranda once a week for the last year, so he knows what he’s doing.
  • Here’s also an Orlando tribute he performed with J.Lo
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