Everything You Need To Know In The News This Week

It has been a devastating and disturbing week for this country. Stay  up-to-date on the newest information in this week’s gist.


Rising Death Toll Over Police Racial Issues:

  • Tuesday night, Alton Sterling, a 37-year- old black male, was shot and killed by police officers after responding to a call about a man threatening people with a gun.
  • Witnesses recorded the shots from a nearby car.

  • You can see the two officers tackling Sterling to the ground, Sterling thrashing his head and screaming, one officer drawing his weapon and ordering him not to move, and then firing several rounds.
  • We do know the convenience store owner–who allowed Sterling to sell his CD’s there often– was dumbfounded about the altercation, saying he’s not aware of any issue Sterling might have had with the public.
  • The controversy lies within the video. There are two officers on top of him and, although you cannot see his right arm to know if he was reaching for the gun in his pocket, it appears as though lethal force was not necessary in the situation.
  • The Civil Rights Division of the US Justice Department has already stepped in and opened their own investigation– which is a very quick turnaround for a case that has barely begun.
  • The following day, a 32-year- old Philando Castile was shot and killed during a routine traffic citation in Minnesota.
  • Castile was in the car with his fiance and her 4-year- old daughter; they were pulled over for a broken taillight.
  • Castile informed the officer he was in possession of a firearm and that he was licensed to carry. He was then shot while reaching for his I.D. and wallet.
  • Castile’s fiance proceeded to live-stream the very graphic aftermath on Facebook. In the video the officer was still pointing his weapon at Castile, shouting “I told him not to reach for it!”

  • All officers were immediately placed on leave pending investigation.
  • In light of police brutality against black males specifically, protests ensued across the country.
  • However, the peaceful protest in Dallas turned into an active shooter situation for the majority of the night.
  • Around 9:00 PM CST, protestors heard about 20 gunshots. Civilians ran away from the scene, and 11 officers were shot.
  • As of Friday morning, 5 of those officers were announced dead–no word on the severity of the remaining 6 officers’ injuries.
  • Officials say there were 4 people involved– 2 were shooters.
  • During police negotiations, the man repeated his wish to “kill white people”, and “kill white cops.” He was then killed by a bomb officials sent in via robot after hours of attempted negotiations.

  • This comes as a shock to the nation. Protests are meant to be peaceful and convey a message. Unfortunately, now, the conversation has flipped.
  • Regardless of the language one uses to say it, we think every human life matters: black, white, spray-tanned-orange, brown, tan, pale, tall, short, fat, skinny, bald, hairy, civilian, official, ugly, and beautiful.
  • We will follow the developments of this story and provide updates as they become available.


Brexit Leaders Are Exiting The Brexit:

  • Since the Brexit vote (When England voted to leave the EU), the country has taken a turn for the worse.
  • The economy all but crashed, their currency’s value significantly dropped, and citizens are freaking out.
  • Since the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, will not lead the country through its departure from the EU, England looked to the two leaders of the Brexit campaign, Nigel Farage and mayor of London, Boris Johnson.
  • To which both chaps responded with the quintessential British, “We were kidding the whole time, you bloody buffoons.” Neither wants the Prime Minister job that will lead the country’s exit (from EU and prosperity).
  • Now, the country looks to two females to be the next Prime Minister. In which case, this will be the first female PM since Margaret Thatcher…aka Meryl Streep– who played Thatcher better than Thatcher herself.


Hilldog Found Not Guilty 

  • Wednesday, the FBI closed its investigation on Hillary Clinton’s email discrepancy.
  • Let me back up — when investigating Clinton for her role in the Benghazi case, the FBI saw that a number of Clinton’s emails were sent using a private server, rather than the legal government server.

  • That was a red flag, so FBI launched a separate investigation into it. Wednesday, they deemed that no funny business was going on, she was simply careless with national security and proper protocol.
  • The GOP did nottttt like that. They were like “Hold up, don’t celebrate yet,” accusing the FBI of favoritism and special treatment towards Clinton.
  • Now, GOP lawmakers are calling for an investigation on the FBI’s investigation.
  • Appropriate use of their time? No. Kind of entertaining? Yes.


Kim Jong Shut Down:

  • Tuesday, the US slapped some mighty fine sanctions on North Korean tyrant, Kim Jong Un, for the first time. To recap: like a virgin, Kim was slapped for the very first time. (had to)
  • What does this mean? Well, along with Kim, a list of other NK officials have been placed on a blacklist. Any assets they have in the US will be frozen, and it’s also kind of super embarrassing.
  • This is mainly for symbolic purposes. Obama is saying “cut the crap” on the nuclear weapons tests.


Snapchat Launches New Feature Called Memories:

  • Wednesday, Snapchat announced one of its largest feature launches since that rainbow barf filter – it’s called Memories.
  • Basically, you can now import your saved stories from your photo album back onto Snapchat, as well as sending new snaps there.
  • So if someone asks you how your 21 st birthday was, you can type in key words, like ‘vom’ or ‘black out’ and share those beautiful memories with anyone, anytime.
  • And for those special nudies of yours, you can save memories into a “My Eyes Only” folder.


Tragic Losses Reveal ISIS Is Very Active, Online and Offline:

  • Last week was a big one for shitty ol’ ISIS.
  • Sunday, they killed more than 150 people in a bombing in Baghdad.
  • Monday, multiple suicide bombers hit 4 cities and killed 3 people in Saudi Arabia.
  • Last week, suicide gunmen and bombers killed more than 40 people during an attack on an Istanbul airport.
  • And last Friday, six militants held hostages for over 20 hours in Bangladesh. There were 5 confirmed deaths.
  • Now, ISIS is apparently ditching their walkie-talkies and moving over to smartphones. It was released earlier this week that the group has been utilizing smartphone apps and databases to conduct the sales of captured sex slaves in Norther Iraq.