Everything You Need To Know In The News This Week

Summer is in full swing, and so is our hangover. Grab a Gatorade, an Advil, and your reading glasses, because we’re catching you up in this week’s Gist.


Terrorist Attacks in Turkey:

  • Wednesday, three suicide bombers opened fire at a terminal entrance of Istanbul’s airport, killing 41 and injuring 239 people.
  • All three bombers blew themselves up before police could capture them, but officials are now confirming their ties with ISIS.

  • But why Turkey? Well, it shares a border with Syria (where ISIS is extremely present). And it’s also part of the US-led coalition against ISIS.
  • The timing: Turkey has been on track to become a member of the European Union for years now.
  • Although an induction would still be years away, Turkey is being squeezed out by all directions: civil war, ISIS invasion, and, not to mention, its economy and every other EU prerequisite.
  • As one of the largest airports in Europe, the EU is facing serious ISIS threats.


What The Fucking Brexit Means:

  • Nutshell: The UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) belonged to the European Union (EU). However, due to financial burden and security threats, the UK put it up to a vote– remain in the EU, or exit it…AKA Brexit.
  • Here’s your Brexit breakdown:

  • Last week, the UK voted outta there. And shit hit the fan.
  • British Prime Minister, Cameron David, put in his three month’s notice, and will allow his successor to implement the people’s decision.
  • Global markets –including the US’– dropped drastically, the pound’s value dropped significantly, and EU leaders are starting to map out the negotiations of the UK’s exit.
  • Why all the Brexit drama? Well, the leader of the “Brexit” campaign has been compared to the likes of Donald Trump. So there’s that.
  • This also comes as a huge shock to the world. UK citizens will no longer be able to travel, work, and live in European countries as seamlessly as they could while in the EU.
  • Taxes, mortgages, visas, and border security are all up for grabs during the negotiations.
  • In other kilt news, Scotland has immensely expressed its intention to remain in the EU.
  • Just like One Direction…the UK just loves a good break up.


Texas Abortion Law is Shut Down:

  • Wednesday, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against a Texas abortion law.
  • The law required doctors who perform abortions to have “admitting privileges” to local hospitals, and required clinics to have specific hospital conditions (like ridiculously wide hallways that do nothing but cost a lot of money to upgrade).
  • Skeptics viewed the law as just another way to shut down most abortion clinics– most of whom would never be able to afford most of the moot requirements.
  • One small step for pro-choice, one giant leap for feminists’ kind.


Transgender Military Acceptance:

  • Thursday, the US military removed one of the final barriers to military service by lifting the Pentagon’s ban on transgender people serving openly in the armed forces.
  • The lift was communicated via Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter, who said, “Effective immediately, transgender Americans may serve openly. They can no longer be discharged or otherwise separated from the military just for being transgender.”

  • This comes after Mr. Carter started a push last year to open combat roles to women, and appointing the first openly gay Army secretary.



  • The Bachelorette is in full swing, and so is the heat from opinionated, emotionally- invested viewers like us.
  • So, here’s our breakdown. But first…read this gold.
  • To recap: Chad was an asshole, although admittedly misunderstood and kind of bullied.
  • Alex led the take down of Chad.
  • Alex then had a problem with Derek, who had a problem with Alex and his friends.
  • Derek was sent home and was confused about why he was crying even though we’re 80% sure they were playing Coldplay in his ear. You can’t not cry to “Fix You.”
  • Wells was eliminated after his first kiss, and rumors are surfacing about whether he might be the next bachelor or not.
  • Jordan (football “prodigy”), Luke (sexy veteran Texan), Robby (mandscapes for sure), and Chase (Tall, not dark, but handsome) are the front-runners… so basically everyone except Alex.
  • All Alex cares about is how he compares to the other guys. Aka short man’s disease.
  • These are all facts, by the way.
  • To be continued. Hallelujah.


A New TSwift Romance:

  • After a seemingly mellow split between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, Swift has been getting prettyyyyy cozy with a Tom Hiddleston.
  • Only two weeks after Harris and Swift’s break-up, a little too many PDA photos have been released of Swift kissing, touching, loving, and like walking (boring) with Hiddleston.
  • The hashtag? #HiddleSwift.
  • The consensus? We’re into it! A tad inappropriate timing, but all he best things in life are. That’s a quote, right?