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  • As you probably know, over the weekend, a 3-year-old boy fell into a gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo.
  • Witnesses describe the gorilla dragging the boy through the water and then standing over him.
  • Most of your Facebook friends’ opinions are that the gorilla was trying to protect the boy from the screaming crowd.
  • However, the mother didn’t see it that way…OBVI.
  • After a desperate 911 call and 10 minutes, zoo officials open fired at the endangered animal.
  • Police have opened a criminal investigation into the shooting of the gorilla, whose name was Harambe.

  • It’s unclear whether the investigation is focusing on the boy’s parents or the zoo, but we are positive your newsfeed will give you its two cents…or more like a whole dollar.


Chef Curry with the Shot During NBA Championship:

  • This is everything you need to know about this season’s NBA Championship.
  • Game one of the finals started Thursday night.
  • It’s basically a rematch of last year’s championship between the Cavs and Golden State.
  • Steph Curry (Golden State) is the two-time reigning MVP.

  • Lebron James is making his 6th consecutive NBA finals appearance.
  • Game, set…oh, wrong sport?


Tragic UCLA Shooting Leaves Engineering Professor Dead, Investigators Find “Kill List”:

  • Wednesday, two men died in a murder-suicide on campus inside a small office in the engineering building.
  • The man killed was an engineering professor.

  • The LAPD is not sure what the shooter’s motivation was, but they are thoroughly investigating the fatality.
  • In a horrific discovery, the shooter’s wife was found dead Thursday in their home.
  • When authorities arrived on scene, they also found a “kill list,” naming the professor shot and killed on Wednesday, the shooter’s wife, and another professor who was off-campus the day of the shooting.
  • Our thoughts, prayers, and good energy go out to those affected.


Refugees and Migrants in Constant Crisis, Over 1,000 Lives Lost in the Last Week:

  • Wednesday, a report was released showing that more than 1,000 migrants and refugees died in the last week while crossing the Mediterranean.
  • The EU has been trying to place hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from the Middle East and Africa for the past year and a half.
  • The pressure has been on recently, especially following the circulation of a photo showing a rescuer with a baby who drowned while seeking safety earlier this week.

  • A popular campaign sweeping the Internet has been urging people to stop dehumanizing refugees, and to imagine your neighboring state rather than some far off foreign country, needing a place to stay.
  • Regardless of your political view, this crisis has caused so many to lose their lives, and simply put, the more countries who support accepting refugees, the less human lives lost.


Gas  Prices Remain Surprisingly Affordable, But Comes with a Different Cost:

  • So, as we all know and love, gas prices have been pretty much Netflix and chillin’ lately.

  • That’s because the expansion of fracking in the US has made domestic oil readily available.
  • But with great power comes great responsibility (aka not crash a bunch of other country’s economies).
  • Why should you care? Because although you may be able to afford a few more bags of wine (absolutely no judgment on our end), entire economies are hurting.
  • The question is, what’s more important?


You Seem a Little Salty, Karen: New FDA Guidelines Hope to Lower Sodium Intake:

  • Tuesday, the FDA communicated new guidelines for food manufacturers and restaurants that is hoping to cut sodium intake by a third.
  • The gist is that the FDA wants extra salt to be a consumer option, rather than a “baked-in per your convenience” type deal.
  • This comes as a good thing, because as you can see from every water park and airport in America, we need to shape up.
  • Don’t believe us? Here’s a conspiracy theory: The film Grease happens to share a name with bad food – food that is typically salty. In said movie, the lyrics, “You better shape up” are repeated at least 50 times. Coincidence?!?!?
  • Therefore…we’re always right and Danny Zuko called us fat.

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