Everything You Need To Know In The News This Week

When Life Hands You Lemons, Do Not Serve Lemonade to Becky:

  • Last Saturday Bey did it again, dropping yet another album with zero marketing.
  • The visual album release started as a special on HBO, followed by her album drop on Tidal, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. After the HBO special ran for just a few days, the visual album was removed and is now exclusively available via Tidal.
  • As you’ve probably heard by now, this album came with some drama and an extra large order of shade. The lyrics refer to her husband, Jay Z, cheating on her with a Ms. “Becky with the good hair.”

  • The album transitions from “Boy, bye” to “My love is stronger than your dumb ass so we gonna stay together.”
  • BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE. Iggy Azaela took to Twitter after the album dropped to comment on the term, “Becky” as a racist, derogatory term for white women…which made the Bey Hive think she was THE Becky. Cue attack via social media.

  • But fashion designer, Rachel Roy, received the worst of it. After the album dropped, she took to Instagram with the caption “Good hair don’t care.” She then had to make all of her accounts private, and tweeted out that she respects marriage and commitment and everyone misunderstood her.

  • Amidst all this, Rita Ora took preventative measures and tweeted to the Hive that she normally doesn’t address rumors, but she is not Becky aka please leave me in peace.
  • Wednesday, Bey opened her Formation Tour in Miami, and dedicated her last song, “Halo,” to her “beautiful husband.”
  • Clearly Beyoncé has forgiven all, but will the Hive?
  • Side note: Drake also dropped his album late Thursday night titled, “Views from the 6.” Ugh, does this mean we have to download Tidal now?


Trump and HillDog are Making Things Official:

  • Well, not technically, but it’s getting there.
  • Tuesday, GOP front-runner Donald Trump took home all five primaries: CT, DE, MD, RI, and PA. Clinton took home all but Rhode Island.
  • Sanders is not throwing in the towel yet, but has begun to lay off hundreds of campaign staffers.
  • Curveball: remember John Boehner, the Speaker of the House who resigned after a visit from the Pope? Ya, he no longer cares about his political reputation since retiring. Thursday, he referred to Senator Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh,” saying he was a “miserable son of a bitch.”

  • He then continued to say he’s “texting buddies” with Trump, loves Ohio gov. John Kasich, but would never vote for Cruz in the general election. Sounds like a Boehner Burn.


Johnny “Football” Manziel Charged in Assault Case:

  • Former Cleveland Browns quarterback was charged in a misdemeanor domestic assault case. He’s expected to turn himself in for booking “jail” sometimes next week.
  • Manziel has been dropped by two agents and all endorsers.
  • The case stems from Manziel’s ex-girlfriend alleging that he hit her and threatened to kill her out one night in Janurary. She said he hit her so hard, she temporarily lost hearing.
  • However, Manziel never lost hearing, which means he gets to listen to his career’s funeral procession.


Regis and Kelly, I mean, Kelly and Michael, I mean…Kelly:

  • After a four-day-absence, Kelly Rippa returned to the set of Live! With Kelly and Michael.
  • Missed the drama? Ealier this week, news broke that Michael Strahan was leaving Live! to join Good Morning America.
  • What’s the problem? Well, ABC kept the news from Kelly until it was announced to the public. Shocked is an understatement.
  • Fans felt like they needed to choose sides; Rippa was labeled a diva for reacting and Strahan was accused of using Rippa as a stepping stone.
  • After some time off, Rippa returned to the show addressing the issue, saying this is about “communication, consideration, and respect in the workplace.”

  • We’re sad to see to duo part, but also we’re not because we’re at werk while the show airs. “If it doesn’t stream, it won’t be seen” Hey, look, I’m a poet and didn’t even… OK sorry I’ll stop.


Baghdad Citizens (Successfully) Protest Corruption and Lack of Progress:

  • Tuesday, Iraq’s parliament began voting on new cabinet ministers (members) after demonstrations and protesting in central Baghdad.
  • Fed up with political corruption, the stagnant economic state and an inefficient military against Islamic military, citizens were prompted by a call from Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.
  • They marched for over-due reform and fresh minds in the law-making process.

  • Protesters would not leave the occupied city square until every single cabinet member was replaced.
  • This is a very big deal. Parliament’s re-vamped cabinet would mark a major rejection of Iraq’s long-standing political tradition of religious and ethnic groups strive for power.
  • Although replacements have not yet been elected, protesters were satisfied with at least the commencement of voting.
  • Iraq’s government is already shaky, with low oil prices and the Islamic State gaining momentum, but citizens will not rest until progress is made.


Chicago Police Officer Shoots Mentally-Ill Teenager:

  • Last month, a mentally-ill 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer.
  • The officer was responding to a 911 call made by LeGrier’s father – one of several calls made on behalf of LeGrier – and shot him after finding LeGrier “wielding” a baseball bat.
  • According to the Washington Post, 25% of 1,000 people shot and killed by police, displayed signs of mental illness.
  • The police recognize this is an issue, and the dominant police model has been the Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.), which provides training on responding to mental health emergencies.
  • It is still unclear whether this training actually reduces the use of force, and police departments struggle with training and dispatching trained officers to the right calls.
  • However, with so many discrepancies, police are eager to take steps in the right direction and improve safety and awareness.


In Other Police News, Cleveland Settles to Pay $6 Million for Death of Tamir Rice:

  • On Monday, the city of Cleveland settled to pay $6 million to the Rice family for the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.
  • According to the settlement, the city acknowledges no fault in Tamir’s death, after receiving a 911 call that someone in a park had something that appeared to be a gun.
  • The first officer on the scene, Trainee Officer Timothy Loehmann, shot Tamir just after he saw what was later discovered to be a toy gun.
  • The jury declared it a “perfect storm of human error, mistakes, and communication.”

  • The tragedy of Tamir Rice’s death is definitely a gray area, but the settlement is a win to wrongful death lawsuits everywhere.


Two LGBT Rights Activists Brutally Murdered in Bangladesh:

  • Monday evening, two LGBT-rights activists were “hacked to death” in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • The Bangladeshi division of Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the two murders.
  • One victim, Xulhaz Mannan, served as editor to the country’s first LGBT magazine. The other, Tanay Mojumdar, was openly gay and a leader in the fight for LGBT rights.
  • Monday’s attacks come after six in the past 12 months – one of whom was a professor killed at a bus stop.


30 Arrested After Protesting North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law:

  • Anti-LGBT law sparked protests in North Carolina Monday leading to dozens of arrests. The Republican-backed law curtails protection for LGBT citizens and limits bathroom access for transgender people.
  • 30 people were arrested when protesters refused to leave legislative building after it closed for the night.
  • In contrast, thousands of Christian conservatives and other supporters of “House Bill 2” gathered behind the legislative building to offer support and encouragement for the lawmakers.
  • The law blocks local and state protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. It also forces transgender people to use the bathroom aligning with their original sex.
  • But y’all means all amiright?


Kim Jung Eye Roll Fires Missile Off the Korean Coast:

  • Saturday, North Korea fired a ballistic missile off the east coast of the Korean peninsula that flew for 19 miles.
  • North Korea claims that U.S. and South Korea’s missile testing justifies its actions.
  • We’ve heard this all before; the U.S. has offered deals to mutually terminate the practice in the region if North Korea agrees, and they always back out.
  • In a nut shell, Kim Jung Un has said he’d be willing to negotiate, but Obama said “go get a different haircut and don’t waste my time.” Okay, not exactly those words, but it should have been.

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